The Roller-Coaster Journey of A Teenager’s Life


The rebellion in young people is not a crime. On the contrary: it is the fire of the soul that refuses to conform, that is dissatisfied with the status quo, that cries out that it wants to change the world and is frustrated with not knowing how- THE REBEL


Teenage- one of the most amazing period of life. It is the time when you start living your life by your way and start enjoying it. This teenage life, which starts from thirteen and ends at nineteen, is not a straight path…rather its a roller coaster ride- right friends??
There are many reasons and memories to keep remembering these days, let it be your first crush or your first relationship, let it be your last day of school at first day of college, these days also includes our most dangerous board exams, late night parties at college and then those scolding from parents.


This is the phase of life when a girl stops playing with her barbie and sit in front of her mirror and try to look as beautiful as her barbie..and guys- they may not have license to ride a bike but still they’ll see all kind of sports magazines to choose their future car/bike.

This phase start in one person’s life when they are in school. It is very difficult to sit through those boring lectures, if it was in our power we would have bunked every social studies lecture. But there were some other tempting reasons to sit in those lectures- friends. Friends, the best way to change a boring lecture into some interesting gossip/ commentary club. This is the time when friend means life to a person. There are things that you don’t even say to anyone but your friend comes and says “itna udas kyu hai?? Biwi mandap se bhag gayi kya??”and no matter what the reason for your sadness, its all gone.

In this phase, difference in opinion with your parents or teachers are very frequent because of generation gap, teenage hormones or rapidly change of environment in your life. People don’t get scared, its very common and it becomes normal after some years. Only thing you have to try is not to hurt anybody and if you have already done then try to apologize as soon as possible.

teenager life

A young person is like fire, they are needed to be trained and guided in the right direction. Friends, this is not the age to take right decisions or think mature..for that our parents are there. This is the time to try something new everyday, to make mistakes, to attempt something that you will remember rest of your life. From these attempts you will build your future and from these mistakes you will learn.

This is the time when peple are more energetic and full of ideas. Use this phase to built yourself, not just physically but also try to could your behavior and your attitude you want to be.Try to involve as many work as possible. Participate in different activities like quiz, sports, singing, outing etc. Make sure you start building your personality, a good representable personality. It doesn’t matter what career you choose or what you want to be in future ( its okay to be confuse at this early stage) because a good personality can make you stand out of the crowd.


By Rashmi Chaurasia


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If you are searching for an all rounder, enthusiastic, energetic and a person who always want to try something new......that's me 🙂 🙂

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If you are searching for an all rounder, enthusiastic, energetic and a person who always want to try something new......that's me :-) :-)


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