Top 10 Superb Tips To Click Great Pictures


There is a great connection between photography and photos, it is similar to the relation of mother and a child. Photography helps to create pictures. But what do this picture, snaps or photos do in our life? Every photo has story and every photo create memories. I love photography a lot even I capture all the moments because as I said above it will create those special moments that I and you never have been thought off. Old guy sitting on his rocking chair and counting his last days of survival but there is smile on his face what is the reason for his smile? The reason is the photo album he is going through and remembering those days. In short if you ask me what is photography? Only thing I can say is that photography is a MAGIC, and photographers are the one who every time perform this creative and dynamic magic trick, but not with their magic stick but with magic tool called Camera.



So friends the topic for today is quite interesting, and I will try for sure that I will try explain it in a creative way through my article. Photography is exploring the world and also telling in-depth about your pictures, in basic a picture is form when there is a mixture or a combination of three things. Three things are: ideas, composition and last comes photograph.


  1. My first Photography tip is try to keep it simple. This tip says that you should try to pick up the striking and engaging subject that catches the eye of the viewers. The great example can be if you choose flower as your subject which is single and simple then you have to take the photos and apply some creative ideas to it.
  2. Second tip is composition, as said above that picture is created by the mixture of ideas, composition and photograph. So what is composition? Composition is how you compose your subject, and it is the key which enhances the impact of your shot.
  3. Third tip is colourful light which is the most important part required in the photographs. Beyond this, colour is the very strong element which helps your subject create an awesome shot resulting into best photos.
  4. Fourth tip is getting right angle, angle is the most important part. Angle varies from subject to subject like product, model, street, wildlife etc., change of angle is seen in all the subjects mentioned before but it is seen large in model shot photos.
  5. Fifth tip is getting all touchy feel, this tip says that subject should include texture and pattern. Texture and pattern of your subject is like cherry on the cake, patterns and textures are mostly seen product shots.
  6. Sixth tip is keep your eyes open or in photographic object, observe your subject, take photos and try to understand the picture. And if there is any mistake next time if possible rectify i.e. we all know one basic mantra that practice makes man perfect which is true and applicable to everyone. Go out on the street, daily click one photo, sorry one best photo no matter how much time it takes. These processes will help you to know your mistakes in the photo and rectify it. This tip is mostly used in street and wildlife photography.
  7. Seventh tip as I said above, photographer is an artist so this tip says that try use an artistic viewpoint to create an image that may be unrecognizable from its original state but functioned as a piece of art. In short and simple words, you have to make use of the subject best out of waste.
  8. Eighth tip is tell the story, as said above pictures say the deep story. So your photo should tell the story what your words can’t say, your photos should make viewers say wow after looking your good concept towards your picture.
  9. Ninth tip is creative, photos can be clicked by anyone but to make your photo as an art requires your creativity and your dynamic mind.
  10. The last tenth tip is love for photography and last but not the least, photography should be love-like. It’s the part of your life then only there will be a bond to great pictures.



So these are the 10 tips which will help you to take great pictures.





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I love photography as mine hobbies but can soon change into mine passion,beyond this i love to travel alot and mine dream is to achieve the identity from mine heart that is TRAVEL EXPLORER........


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