Name –  PROF. DURVEE  T.



Tell us something about yourself

I am a simple down to earth person. I am CA and MCOM. I believe that every student should make a career so that he/she is able to earn well through legal sources. There is no short cut for success.

Tell us something about your college

My colleges believe in all round development of students. They do not restrict teaching to class rooms and text books but their philosophy is that only those students will get good jobs who will be willing to do multi-tasking.

When did you join the teaching profession? What inspired you to choose this line?

I joined teaching profession (professional courses) in 2004. I was inspired by my husband to choose this line. (He is lecturer from 15 years).

Which subjects do you teach? What do you love most?

I teach Financial Accounting, Costing, International Finance, Taxation. I love Accounts the most.

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe in three tier teaching. First discuss each point of the chapter with students. Then link it with current affairs and finally provide notes (dictate/typed) to the students. At any time we should not complicate things for the students as they have to refer our notes and give exams and since BMS is a semester exams pattern there is limited time with them for studies. I also take this opportunity to thank my employers, Crescent, Dean of IBS Mr. Nayan Thakore, Co-ordinator IBS Dnyanda Bhole, Principal Nirmala College Dr. Madhu Nair, Co-ordinator Saswat Madam, Reena Mehta Director Mr. Sunny Mehta, Co-ordinator Isha Madam. (No specific order). They kept faith in me to develop my teaching philosophy. Also not to forget the students who gave me the patient hearing.

Do you believe in teaching should be full of ideas rather than stuffed with facts?

Teaching is a profession where you should become an Educator and not a mere teacher. Educate yourself and give the best to the students. My teaching plan is complete only with newspapers, business channels and internet. Also, a well stocked library serves as chocolate sauce on the cake. Movies can be linked to terms and situations to give better examples. For Example, Mr. Obama is now stating that outsourcing should be banned. Students may think why? Actually, USA outsourced because it was handicapped at that point of time. It did not have manpower. I will link this to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar who had no hands in Sholay and hence outsourced to Jay and Veeru. Later, he only picks Gabbar. I had presentd management ppt and my students were thrilled. Every subject is boring if you read before them. But if you ignite the fire in that then students of 21st century will freak on it.

Can a student from Arts/science background also do BMS?

If a student is willing to go an extra mile (study hard) then they are able to study BMS nicely. I have observed that Science and Arts students have fear of Accounts. But if they give extra time  and practice more Accounts practicals then there are no problems. Infact, some colleges in FYBMS have toppers from Science and Arts streams. I am in no way demeaning Commerce Students. Commerce students have an added advantage of Accounts which they have studied for 2 years.

As a BMS faculty, what kind of projects do you expect bms students to work upon?

Projects constitute an important part of their curriculum. BMS Students also have an industrial visit which is optional from 2010. In this case, colleges can redraft their visits and link the projects with such topics. Like, at FY they study Accounts and Costing, SY it is Financial Management  and Taxation and TY it is Financial Management, SSF, International Finance and Investment Analysis. The student can be prepared to pick up a topic where he may prepare a project on Financial Statements of ACC Limited at FY and study the Cost Sheet in 2010-11. He can then do ratios and tax implications at SY in 2011-12 and at TY level he can compute capital structure and ratios like EPS and P/E Ratio in 2012-13. Thus, in Finance he can master the company in three years and also may personally visit the office/factory. (Colleges issue letter of authority to students for collecting the primary data). This is for Finance. Each Educator may draft according to their need.

Do you think a BMS Student should participate in College fests and Industrial Visits? Why?

A very important question. I did my CA Final after marriage. Most of the people had written it off that CA cannot be done after marriage. I did not fail at any point of time. May 2003 I cleared Group I when I was expecting and November 2003 I cleared my Group II when my son was only three months old. Every student must understand that by participating in College Festivals and attending Industrial Visits you are going to gain. Knowledge is power. You will get confidence and also by meeting more people you will be able to know where you stand. Never think it is time waste. If you think by attending such important events you lose 10 hours of your studies then you are yourself to blame. 10 hours you should cut from the time from seeing cartoons, films, serials or even talking to friends. Time management is in your hand. BMS means Balanced Matured and Systematic person. But yes, there should be dignity and distance in such events as any wrong doing may spoil your name and career.

People say BMS is 70 % of first year MBA. After BMS, is work experience important for MBA?

We cannot compare IIM or IIPM syllabus with BMS. Even Symbiosis has well drafted syllabus for MBA as per industry standards.

Well, Mumbai University has done a commendable job by revising the syllabus of BMS from 2008-09. This year TYBMS appears for the new syllabus. MU is updating syllabus from time to time. But with India’s growth rate touching 9% plus lot of jobs have opened up. There may be on job training and learn and earn concept may takeover the Industry in next two years. (It may become part of curriculum). Hence, Mumbai University should work out the modalities with all major institutions offering MBA that all MBA aspirants  studying BMS  can be imparted training in those three years and such job experience criteria can be relaxed.

There is a shortage of eminent professors at bachelors’ level management. With more and more institutes joining the professional courses bandwagon, do you think BMS will become yet another Bcom?

Money is what money does. Every Educator needs money to have a good standard of living. BMS is un-aided course leaving it to the Institution to fund it all. There are no permanent and secured jobs which itself has created shortage. Also, Institutions are increasing and they see a lot of potential. It may crash to BCOM level if quality of Educators are not maintained. I agree at some places quality is being compromised. University must tie up with Corporates and support the Colleges. St. Xavier’s has already opted out of Mumbai University to become Autonomous. May be, I expect at least 10 Colleges to be autonomous in next five years. This may further increase if Mumbai University is not able to support the Colleges.

What should BMS education mean to a student?

BMS Education means that a student is ready to face the industry with graduation. He/She has studied marketing, hr and also finance. Our BMS Course has greater value and it can be made more valuable if students are given on course training. Also, it will have a lot of value if student himself/herself keeps updated.

Do you think the course curriculum is at par with industry expectations?

As I stated MU has done the commendable job. But lot needs to be done in form of updations. I may buy Dual SIM today but in USA phone with three SIM is more popular. Like this, updations if not done on time will dent the credibility of the course.

Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this?

3 Idiots showed a student “I Quit” and also Raju jumping from the window. It also showed spirited Rancho and Farhan help Raju come out of coma. I will only state that every Institution needs Rancho and Farhan to eliminate these cases. One cannot stop this quickly but minimize this so that one day we can eliminate it totally.

Who in your life has most influenced you?

My inspiration is my husband. He has stood by me at every point of life. He taught me to keep faith in myself and achieve goals in small steps. He gave me the confidence to be what I am.

What are your professional/career goals?

(i) To continue teaching for next 20 years.

(ii) To write the books on various subjects of Finance. (I have already written two books published by Asia Law House).

(iii) To prepare research papers on Finance at various times.

Do alumni come back and tell you about life after bms?

Yes. I am fortunate that I am in touch with most of them. I feel very proud when I go to my bank to deposit cash and I see my student sitting in the chair as Relationship Manager. In ratio terms, 60% of the alumni is very happy with life after BMS, 10% is happy because it wanted to do BMS and get married and the other 30% is studying further so that life becomes more happier with post graduation.

A famous quote says “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others”. What would you like to say on this?

Candle is made of wax and it melts. In BMS we do not need teachers but we need Educators. I will state that if I were to go and teach subject from text book, I will be worried about my quality. My day starts with internet and business channels and ends with newspapers. Latest cases to incidents and link them with history to explain the students. Hence, I will state that we should everyday accept the challenge and perform.

Who would you call as the best student so far in your memory?

All are good. Best is yet to come as I have yet to give my best. As Om said, “Picture abhi baaki he”!

One touching incident that happened with you in your teaching career?

Many. I will quote one. My mother in law was in hospital and I had to withdraw money from ATM (in the hospital). Unfortunately, ATM was out of service. I went to Accounts Department and requested them for some time to find that alumni came running and stated that Madam, please do not worry. I will take care. She was Operations Manager there. She then inquired thrice about health of my mother in law. Later, of course I paid the bill and came home with my mother in law.

What suggestions would you like to give to Mumbai University for amendments in the BMS course?

Please make amendments semester wise and also send these to colleges regularly or update on websites. If you find it difficult then please work in co-ordination with portals like who are willing to serve the student community. Please match the industry standards so that they get better placements. You are good but good is not enough. You need to be the best. Also, couple of papers in October 2010 exams had tough/out of syllabus questions, which should be avoided. They give agony to the students. We do not take exams to show our knowledge but help them prosper. Mumbai University must take action against such Examiners and students should be given the benefit.

How is What help should it provide in future?

You have started the journey for the students. You will fly. Sky is the limit. But I request you to maintain excellence. Rancho said it, “Get after excellence then success will follow you”. My best wishes to the entire family. Have placement portal where the companies can track the future managers. Also list the standards expected by the corporates. is the revolution in the making for the benefit of the students.

What message would you like to give to the bms students?

Be Committed. Be like Radhe of Wanted. “Commitment is commitment”.   If you do that, no job is big or small. Be a multi tasking person. Never feel frustrated. If you face difficulty, GOD will give you strength to overcome it. My best wishes to all.

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