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One of the most powerful forces in the world is a Woman. There is no one greater than her, who compassionately spends her entire life not for herself but for her family as a daughter, for her husband being a wife and for her children being their mother. A person who keeps the family united and molds them into better human beings.

A woman is the most sacred thing mankind can ever have, she is the only person who has the ability to bring a new life into this world. Her body goes through so many changes during this time and has to go through unbearable pain to give birth to a new life yet without saying a word readily accepts her fate. That’s not the end, from there on her life begins, a life full of responsibilities, adjustments, difficulties, hardships yet she smiles all through her life, and spreads a smile wherever she goes. Her entire life revolves around her family. Her day begins for them and also ends doing things not for her but for them, be it cooking, cleaning, looking after them, loving and taking care of them. She lightens up her house with her smile and tender love, she only gives and demands for nothing expect love in return.

Today woman are not only supporting the family emotionally but also financially, she is working to support her husband and also to give a better life to her children, wanting to prove to the world that she is not less than any man on earth and can walk firmly with her head held high her in the society.  At times it becomes hard for her to manage both work and house, yet she tries to her level best to fulfill the wishes of her family cutting on her own desires and happiness. She wakes up early prepares food, drops the kid to school, goes to work, comes back again looks after other household chaos and goes to bed after everyone else, living for her family. Between all of this she even removes time for her husband to keep up to her married life. She faces a lot of mental and physical stress yet without any complain open-handedly keeps doing well.

If one ever tries to jot down the reasons is to why we should respect women, one may fall short of words but the purpose will not be fulfilled. You can feel her innocence in the form of a daughter, you can feel her care in the form of a mother, you can feel her warmth in the form of a friend, you can feel her dedication in the form of a wife, and you can feel her blessing in the form of a grandmother. She is tough from the outside yet tender, loving, naughty and charming from the inside.

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