Do You Feel Dead???



Failures, a dream broken, hard work not appreciated, breakups, fight with our best friends, when you were about to buy your awaited desired thing and everything crashes at the last moment, a loss of a very close person.

This all things make us feel dead. We don’t feel alive or don’t want to feel alive. Lying down or simply being unresponsive is the state of our mind and hence body’s too. Life seems like a stopped play where everyone is moving but you are just going deeper to the ground and you tend to go more deep under the black shade and hide yourself from the world. You don’t want to be felt noticed, you just need your own alone time to be with you. Socializing, interacting, talking or even looking at someone seems useless, you walk staring to the road and do not want to look up. The horn played in traffic doesn’t effects you neither the rains. You want the rains to wet you up and do not care if someone is harming you. You feel dead.


This also happens when we are dissatisfied and bored from life and the situation happening, when you are tired- you feel lost, you feel unalive. You find yourself safe in the deadness then being eaten up by all stress, thoughts and all those feelings which demerits your brain, heart and health. You find being quiet and unresponsive is the best solution. You do not feel to cheer up your mind and rejunivate. You know it’s useless. And let everything happen soothes you. You feel whatever is happening with you is wrong and wish life could be more good. You feel the good things rejected you. Seeing the surrounding and people who have a complete perfect life makes you go deeper to surrender with your sorrow. You have accepted your situation and the state you are at. You are aware about the things you are doing but don’t care about it. You have backed off from trying and gaining hopes again. You don’t want to be normal and happy because you know this will again fire your hopes and your hopes won’t be fulfilled.

It’s your favorite passion that support you at such time and your loved person or your best friend or your family or your pet – who washes away your pain for some hours. You do not completely get cured until you resolve the problems and decide to end it. But doing this is very hard then merely saying. Emotions are tough. You again don’t feel like talking to people and find a situation when you can gulp all your inner frustration on some one. You don’t feel like cheqing your phone and better turn it off or throw it in a corner. You isolate yourself from the world which gives you peace. You know you will cure yourself and come out of it, but prefer to take shelter in this darkness for the time being, your mind becomes the child who want everything ad will cry immediately if any one irritates or scolds. You do not behave decently and rudely let all go away, whoever tries to talk to you. You do not feel safe in anyone’s company and prefer only the darkness.


This continues according to our comfort. And time the greatest healer slowly dissolves away our pain, sorrows and an unanswered question. We learn why it happened, who is right and wrong, we learn from our mistakes and enter the next level of maturity. We accept what the nature has given us and move on. Sometimes forgiving and sometimes forgetting. Forgiving and forgetting has a very forceful effect on our mind, which I have talked well in my past article – HEAL YOURSELF THE RIGHT WAY…

We know its life and shits will happen, it will affect us, we will learn something and time will hold our hand and help us to move on. 🙂

Feeling dead – is nostalgic. It soothes us in the short run but is harmful if not cured at the right time. This feelings never fail to destroy our mind when we let it shelter us. It also effects the people who are connected and dependent on us. We need to change our environment and get a break from our daily life, and things which enhance our sadness. Usually people and situation does the enhancing work. We need to understand this and safeguard our mind and get out of it soon. We know life is to live and laugh but there comes time when this thoughts seem useless. You are aware of your mental deteriorating but still don’t feel like working on it. You feel dead.




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