Do we BMS fear MU?


Mumbai University has declared that Computer Engineering Students of the fifth semester of the advanced database management system would get easy marks.

Engineering Students had found large part of their paper set from the old syllabus. They were very stressed and complained to the University of Mumbai which made MU to set up a committee and find a assessment solution. Hence, now they going to have a new assessment pattern.

MU found that 55 marks out of the 100 mark paper was out of syllabus and hence, students would be given double the marks for the answers which were not from syllabus and add to total score.

Engineering students going to benefit as those who didn’t study for the paper will do well but the quality of education would suffer.

Let’s come to the main point, we BMS students never tried to complain about FM and SSF to MU? What you think? Where do we lag behind?

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