Complete List of 200 Marks TYBMS Project Topics in Management Accounting


If you are searching for a topic for undertaking a project in Management accounting subject, then your search ends here. Management accounting is also known as managerial accounting or accounting for managerial decisions. Management accounting deals with 3 main areas: strategic management, performance management and risk management. A management accountant is the person who applies his or her professional knowledge, skills and prepares financial and other decisions related information and presents to the stakeholders of the organization. Management accountants are also known as value creators as they plan, control and formulate policies.


Here we present Complete List of 200 Marks TYBMS Project Topics in Management Accounting

1) Accounting information for lower level managers

2) Strategic planning in large companies

3) Importance of capital budget in Indian economy

4) Financial statement as a tool to evaluate performance for companies and investment decisions

5) Problems of income tax assessment and collection in a particular state

6) Impact of accounting information on decision making process

7) Internal auditing and stock taking

8) Liquidity problems in commercial banks

9) Accounting information and management decision making

10) Use of financial statements in assessing the performance

11) Companies and their investment decisions

12) Role of Financial institutions in the development of Indian economy

13) Impact of management accounting on organization effectiveness

14) Role of management accounting in control of government expenditure

15) Management crisis of banking industry

16) Role of banks in stabilizing Indian economy

17) Internal control – a comparative analysis between public and private sectors

18) Participation of banks in industrial development

19) Evaluation of taxation as a source of Government revenue

20) Financial planning and control – a key to management efficiency

21) Internal control in government establishment

22) Appraisal of application of management objectives in financial institutions

23) Challenges of financial control in any sector

24) Evaluation of cost reduction technique in achieving profitability in an inflated economy

25) Accounting for fixed assets

26) Auditing as an indispensable tool for economic development

27) Impact of good internal control system on financial management

28) Impact of tax incentives on economic and industrial development

29) Accounting procedure in hotels

30) Evaluation of cash and credit management policies

31) Effectiveness of standard costing as a control tool for performance evaluation in any industry

32) Forensic accounting as a tool for fraud detection and prevention

33) Application of cost accounting to management planning

34) Critical analysis of use of financial statements in assessing performance of any organization

35) Impact of government expenditure on economic growth of any state / country

36) Effect of creative accounting on shareholders wealth

37) Impact of cashless policy on economic growth

38) Assessing book-keeping practices of SMEs

39) Application of budgets and budgetary control in NGOs

40) Impact of company income tax revenue on developing economies

41) Risk management in any sector or organization

42) Taxation as a major source of funding to the government

43) Effect of bad and doubtful debts on the liquidity of an organization

44) Impact of internal audit system in education institutions

45) Relevance of management accounting to business growth

46) Computerized audit system – issues, problems and prospects

47) Role of management accounting in business decisions

48) Critical analysis of the use of management accounting to measure financial performance of any organization

49) Emerging challenges of accounting in the public sector

50) Fund accounting in the local government system



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