Choosing The Perfect Hair Color This Season!


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Craving for a makeover? One of the easiest ways to do it is to color your hair.Choosing the right hair colour isn’t as easy as simply picking out a color you like. There are a lot of factors that you should consider before picking a color for your hair. Below are some steps that you can follow to make sure you are choosing the right hair colour.

1. Observe what type of skin tone you have. If you can see your veins at your wrists, check what color they are– if they are blue your undertone is cool, if they are green your undertone is warm, and if they are somewhere in between, your undertone is neutral.

If you cannot see them, try taking a good-quality photo of your face outside on a bright overcast day with no makeup on, then eyedropping the colour with image editing software to see whether it is a cooler or warmer shade.If you have olive skin you suit darker hair colours. You should never go lighter than your skin because it appears fake. If you have pink skin, avoid shades of warm red or golden blonde. Stick to ash tones to neutralize your coloring.

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Pale skin suits nearly any hair colour, though this does not necessarily mean it will be flattering. Bright, striking colours particularly flatter dark skin tones, but softer shades can potentially make you look washed-out.If you are extremely pale then don’t go for black or very dark hair because it makes you look even more pale then you already are (unless that’s the effect you’re after!).

Dark hair can also be ageing on very pale skin.If you have yellow hues to your skin be careful with yellow, gold or orange tones. Deep reds and dark browns are often safer.

2. Determine what clothing colour suits you best. This will be directly related to the hair color you should select.If you look good in red, orange, golden yellow, olive green or rust, you suit warm hair tones such as golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn.

If you look good in bluish red, fuchsia, black, royal blue or pine green, you suit cool hair tones such as platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black.If you look good in red, purple, charcoal grey, periwinkle or teal, you suit neutral tones like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany.

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3. Determine what type of jewelry looks best on you. This will determine whether you are cool, neutral or warm.If you suit silver jewellery better you have cool skin.If you suit gold jewellery better you have warm skin.Suiting either means you are neutral.

4.  Determine your eye color. Eye hair color and hair color go hand in hand. A hair color with warm tones like red, gold and auburn shades are best for people with brown, green or hazel eyes. This is because these particular eye colors also have a yellow base. Hair colors like light gold or ash are cooler-toned colors and are best suited to people with blue or grey eyes. These eye colors have a blue base as opposed to having a yellow or brown base.


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