Bollywood Movies You Will Watch Again And Again! (Part 1)


Entertainment is the new source of living and we all are a devotee of cinema. Movies are the best way to pass your time, get your mood okay and entertain yourself. Movies come and go. But some movies stays in your heart, which you wish you watch again and again. It doesn’t matters if your favorite actor is featuring in it or not – you sometimes just love the movie and wish to watch it again. There are many such several lists of movies which makes to fall in this category. Some of them are below. Enjoy the ride 🙂



This movie is a rollercoaster ride and the best for all drama-comedy plus adventure lovers. The beautiful story which forecasts the lives of 3 childhood friends who plan to have a bachelor road trip to Spain and each one of them will chose an adventure sport in three different locations in Spain –  Costa Brava, Seville, and Pamplona. The movie mainly teaches how the lifes of this three friends change in their one trip. Arjun meets Laila (Katrina Kaif) who is also their instructor for the deep sea diving sport. She helps Arjun to come out of his madness for making money all the time and teaches him to Live. Abhay realizes that he does not want to marry her fiancé Natasha (Kalki kochlin) because things have changes and he feels trapped whereas Imran has a special reason to take the trip to meet his biological father (Naseeruddin Shah). The movie unfolds all the great adventures with great songs, the humor chemistry the three friends share, the poems by Farhan and the realization on how we should live our life gives you reasons to watch the movie again and again.




Who doesn’t like it? The still running movie in Maratha Mandir, DDLJ is one of the proud things India holds. The beautiful Love story and pairing of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol is the hit blockbuster and most awarded must watch movie of all times. The two non-residents of India who stay in London meet in a trip to Europe and the most loved train scene also known as the “DDLJ Scene” is repeated in all further movies. They both fall in love in this Europe trip. But Kajol (simran) is forced to marry the boy his father has selected for him 20 years back. Simran gets disappointed as she cannot marry someone she doesn’t knows and she has always dreamt to marry her dream boy. They land in India and Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) reaches their chasing her. She tells him to take him away from there as his father won’t ever break his promise to his friend. Raj says he will marry her only with his father’s consent. He soon builds a good rapport with both the families but later his father recognizes Raj as the boy Simran loves and insults him to go. The climax is very well known where the world cheers – when Simran was allowed to live her life with Raj. The pure and simple love story has touched everyone’s heart and the romantic songs are still famous.



The historic epic movie of the Indian cinema with legendry actors Amitabh Bachan and Dharmendra is one of the most rated movie. The film follows two criminals Jai and veeru played by the two actors who are hired by the retired police officer to capture the Dacoit the leader of the band of armed robbers –Ghabar Singh (Amjad khan). Actress’s hema malini and jaya bhaduri stars as the love interest of jai and veeru. The movie is a watch again since it covers several the genres in one work. The combination of songs and the very famous dialogues have entertained several generations. The characters have become extremely popular contributing to many jokes and memes. A 3D form of the movie was released in 2014 too.

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The comedy-drama film imparting a great message on the education system loosely adapted from Chetan Bhagat’s novel – Five point someone is the most watchful film to see any time. The characters and the epical acting of Aamir khan, Sharman joshi, R Madhavan and the great Boman irani has won everyone’s heart. Also this movie is audiences favorite as it strings beautifully with the flaws of the education system and how important it is to have knowledge and excellence rather than being a Ratta Maar topper and running behind success. The catchy touching dialogues, songs, scenes and the All is well punchline is a hit every time.



The Indian sports drama film about field hockey in India makes you watch it only because it really pulls the patriotic Indian in you. You will be bound to cheer and worry every match the women’s hockey team plays in the international games under Coach Kabir Khan (shah rukh khan). The wrathful and stiff acting of Shah Rukh khan and the versatile girls of the team make you watch this movie every possible time. The ups and down of the girls in the team and the strong regime of their coach, the way things are planned and how Indian girls win the final of the commonwealth games giving individual proudness to every girl and returns the lost respect of coach Kabir Khan.



As the name say – this Youth is crazy – the movie manages to keep its title and give you a shake when you reach until the climax. The story starts how Naina (Deepika padukone) being a quiet studious girl learns to enjoy her life when she meets Bunny (Kabir Thapar) a school class mate and heads on a trip to kullu and manali. Coming out of her comfort zone and enjoying life in a drastic way is a life changing moment for naina and she falls in love with bunny in this trip. Whereas Bunny who dreams to see and live the whole world is an inspiration to many. The amazing songs sets the perfect aura of liveliness. Bunny returns India from his work and touring along the world where he realizes things have changed a lot. But naina supports him every time and Bunny feels jealous when another guy approaches naina. He realizes he is in love with her but his dreams would suffer if he moves ahead in love. He remembers what his father taught him and finally decides to stay in India and spend the rest of his life with naina. The ever live dialogues makes this movie special. This movie teaches a very beautiful lesson to the youth specially – the value of time, our choices our dreams and all that we deal with.






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