Top 10 Animated Movies Of All Time


Animated movies are those movies which can be seen by people from all the age groups. I personally, enjoy watching animated movies. 

Animation is one such thing which makes you believe the most impossible and unbelievable things which can be screened without making it unrealistic. 

So I thought why not share with you all my favorite animated movies. 

So these are my top 10 animated movies of all time.

1. Finding Nemo 

finding nemo

Finding Nemo is a movie about an over-cautious clown fish Marlin and his journey to find his son Nemo. He is accompanied by a blue reef fish named Dory who has short-term memory, which complicates things for him. 

This movie is just straight out cute. Loved the father-son relationship the movie explores about the friendship which is just so sweet. All the characters in this movie are amazing. And there isn’t one moment where you will be bored. I can watch this movie anytime. Its just too good.

It’s a Pixar classic and is a must watch if you have not.

2. Spirited Away 

spirited away

From my favorite Animated movie director and one of the living legend when it come to animated movies HAYAO MIYAZAKI, comes this fantastical, mystical and beautiful movie Spirited Away. 

It was released in 2001 and won Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. 

Spirited Away is a story about Chihiro and her family stumbling upon an entrance which leads them to an alternate spirit world. Her parents are turned into pigs and now Chihiro has to find a way to escape and save her parents from this weird and mystical spirit world.

This movie is just beautiful to watch. It tries to convey many aspects of society. The love which is portrayed in this movie is magical pure love which is heart-warming.

It is one of the classic animated movies ever made. It is a must watch.

3. Howls Moving Castle.


Another animated movie from the director HAYAO MIYAZAKI, Howls moving castle is a story about Sophie who is a shy, sweet and nice girl who gets cursed by a witch, which makes her an old granny. Now to hide herself, she takes shelter in Howls moving Castle. Howl is a wizard who apparently only likes beautiful girls. Will howl ever see who she really is?

This movie is also very magical and beautiful. Love the story and its characters. It defines true love a very heart warming way. I really enjoyed this movie a lot. And I can watch this movie numerous times.

4. Frozen


When Elsa ( the Snow Queen ) who has magical powers, loses her control over the powers that she has, she leaves her sister Anna and her kingdom to go and stay faraway from them. Now the kingdom comes under a snow spell only Elsa can break. Now Anna has to find Elsa and bring her back to the kingdom. This journey to find Elsa is filled with trolls, unbelievable conditions and magic. 

Frozen is a very sweet movie. It’s visually very beautiful to watch. The story is really interesting and the songs are really good. I loved the way it redefines sisterly love. I love the characters a lot especially Olaf, which I won’t spoil for you guys, watch it yourself.

Frozen is at least One Time Must Watch.

5. Ice Age


Twenty thousand years ago, At the beginning of Ice Age to avoid frostbite mammals begin to migrate. In such situation a woolly Mammoth, a sloth and a saber toothed tiger find themselves taking care of human baby and finding his family.

It has interesting plot and extremely funny. It is a sweet and warm story which revolves around how these four characters start sharing a bond as the story furthers. Loved all the characters especially the sloth. 

Don’t miss on this one, you will definitely enjoy this movie.

6. Beauty And the Beast.


A Disney Classic Beauty and the beast is a story about arrogant young prince and his castle come under a spell, due to a wicked enchantress. Belle a strong spirited girl, enters the castle after her father Maurice becomes a prisoner in the castle. Slowly she draws Beast out of his isolation and true love starts to blossom.

This movie has been adapted many times into feature live action film, but a true classic original movie remains unchanged. I loved all the characters in the movie. Love the story and its interesting plot. 

It is beautiful to watch such a touching love story. I have no words to describe this classic. It is a must watch for anyone. I enjoyed it when I was small and even I enjoy it now.

7. Despicable Me


Despicable Me is a story of a well-known Super Villain GRU who likes to be wicked, now wants to steal something extraordinary to keep his popularity and pride as Super Villain. To do so he adopts three little girls Margo, Agnes and Edith from orphanage and soon starts to love them and adore them as father. 

Love the way it explores father-daughter relationship. It’s just so cute to watch their relationship grow. It is really funny and one will definitely enjoy this one for sure. And also one of the most important characters are MINIONS. Now who can forget them ?!

Dont miss out on Despicable Me !!!

8. Despicable Me 2 


Despicable Me 2 is a sequel to the first movie. It follows the same old characters, But now the good GRU is a spy working for Anti – Villain League who has given GRU a mission to capture world greatest ex- supervillain.  In a midst of all these, he falls in love with his colleague. And also he has to take care of his daughters. 

This is also very sweet. Interesting and funny story-line. Amazing plot, now who can forget the addictive HAPPY SONG from this movie. Loved the new characters in the movie. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot.

Let’s not miss this one and see how Heroic GRU truly is !!!

9. Monster Inc 


Monsters Inc is a story about James P. Sullivan the top scaring monster working in the Largest Scare Factory in the Monster world with his scare assistant Billy Wazowski. These two monsters come in trouble when a human little girl Boo enters into their monster world, ever humans are not allowed. Now these two have to hide her to save her as well as themselves.

Monster Inc has this so unique and interesting story, which engages you from the start. Love the sweet bonding between the three main characters which grows throughout the movie. You definitely enjoy this movie for sure.

10. Ratatouille 


Ratatouille is a story about a Remy who has highly defining senses of  taste and smell. Remy dreams of becoming a chef himself. But a rat becoming a chef seems quite impossible. But now Remy can complete his dream after finding a young man who wants to be a chef as well. 

I don’t want to spoil the movie by giving out spoiler in this one. Because one must watch it as how unique and amazing this movie is. This movie is really touching and lets you know that nothing in this world is impossible. 

Ratatouille is a must watch for everyone.

These are my all time favorite movies. There are still many movies that I have not seen but these are the ones that I have seen and enjoyed.




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