Are We Losing Our Values? : Spirituality




As soon as we hear the word – values, spirituality – the ears go internally switched off. That’s a boring term and a sleeping pill for most of us. We all know about honesty, punctuality and the traditions of our society and all the customs we as a human has to perform. There’s so many rituals and religious performances that we know and some which we do. But are only the rituals a part of our ancient Indian culture? NO.

There is a huge difference in all these things which people don’t tend to go deep and learn. Indians are always apologetic about their culture and ancestors in front of the non-Indians. While in other countries people are proud of their culture and are proud to show- off their ancestral remaining. They love and follow their own culture. No doubt all cultures had something harmful which was wrong, which people understood and stopped gradually. In India we had caste discrimination, child marriages and many other black spots which instead of accelerating degraded human’s life. But there are also positive and beautiful things in the same culture which we all should praise and can follow. However preaching any religion and maintaining our country’s culture is a matter of choice. But the thing we should really absorb from our culture is the Spirituality. Spirituality is something that makes a person a human. A proper human. A man who is mentally strong and dimensional never loses in life. It’s the spiritual support and the values that makes a person. Which is different from culture and religion somewhere. Which is important to know.


We humans always try to find life in materialistic things. Materials and the world seems real to us. That’s what we can see. God cannot be seen, so we don’t believe in god more often. Yes we do believe in god in some or the other way, but the trust on the world and the things we see is still more. We don’t realize that in real – the world is an illusion and god is real. We all are created by god. We all know the whole earth rotates around the sun, the cosmos the planets, the entire space… all works in harmony. Why? This is where the scientist answers come to a limit. Well this all things are the creatures, and creator is the God. Nothing in this world stays, only god stays. Everything around us in this world is created by god – which comes and goes. We all are only the creative part of god, who doesn’t stays on earth. Science says the world and humans are made up of atoms, which are balls of energy which keeps on charging and passes energy. There is no matter. So when we all destroy we only dissolve. It’s only God who stays.

We collect treasures for our life, fill our bank account balance, and what if god demands your life one day? Will you be able to carry all your money along with you? Nothing stays. A human has to leave his own body when he dies. Something that goes with us is the goodness we have treasured on earth. That pays us in heaven.

I know this all might seem bookish or cultures to you – but this is the real spirituality and a way of living life. When a human knows about all this – living life becomes easy. We become happy internally because the fear to lose anything goes away when we are said – nothing is ours, and we do not possess anything. The birds around, the animals and tress around. Aren’t they living? The father in heaven feeds them because they have no such life like humans have.

The world is an illusion and merging in it completely, losing senses over greed and materialistic things ends – when you are aware of this things. We as humans have five senses to see the world which turns reality for us. But we realize it later that life is an illusion. We always look for security and a sentence that will satisfy us. Our life is a dream, which we feel is a reality. We realize the dream when we wake up. Everything in the world is a movie projected on a white screen called god. The screen is real but the movie is nothing but a projection of different colors on it. The only true meaning of life is in going back to the divine source of life from which we all have come. This is what the spiritual world say. And in our world we say – to enjoy and live your life to the fullest. Because life is too short.

But god is not somewhere in Heaven. God is in everything and especially within us. So search the god in you! Recognize yourself and you will recognize god!



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