7 Things A BMS Student Must Learn From Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi



Is the Modi-wave still on? Narendra Modi is the 15th and current Prime Minister of India. He is a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), previously served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat state from 2001 to 2014. He is currently the Member of Parliament (MP) from Varanasi.


Here are few things a BMS students can learn from our Prime Minister NaMo:


  1. Leadership Skills

    Modi is well known for his leadership qualities. If you recollect well, Modi assured to work one hour more than his subordinates did in a public speech. This is not something an inefficient leader would be able to say. He is an efficient leader and BMS students must learn this skill from him.


  1. Opportunistic

He is a true opportunistic in every sense. This is one of the most important traits of Mr. Modi’s leadership which made him so popular in corporate galleries and among masses. BMS students need to know more about opportunities in front of them and learn the right skill to grab it.


  1. Public Speaking Skills.

    The one thing Modi is famous for is his speeches. He has something in his voice that makes head turn and this sure is going to be one of the most remembered speeches from an Indian PM. While working in a company, you have to give presentations and speeches, for which you need to be prepared.


  1. Detailing.

Learning from a careful planner that Mr. Modi is, you should care to have a love for detailing. This micro detailing helps a lot in efficient planning, leading to better results. Hence BMS students must learn this skill to succeed in future.


  1. Keep calm and have Patience

    After full proof planning, which leads to his confidence, he is not a man who can be impatient and jump on to conclusions or be restless for results. This patience and the tendency of keeping his calm and not behaving like a kid has proved to be very useful for him. This is something BMS student must apply in their life.


6.     Connect With your team members

As a leader, it is important to listen to your team members’ opinions and also be accessible to everyone. Modi is very active & expressive on social media and his activity updates are updated very frequently. He is the only politician in Indian Politics who gives you a chance to connect with him on the go – anyplace, anytime. You must also learn team building skills and performance appraisals.


  1. Determination

    Ever since he was a child, he used to help his father and brother in their tea stalls, he was determined to make it big for himself. He has been associated with RSS since an early age, and that shows the determination that eight-year old possessed and this 64 year old possesses. BMS students need focus and determination to do well in their exams and projects.

Mr.Modi is the epitome of success and as a BMS student you can learn a lot from him. You need to be focused and determined and have patience to become as successful as he became.


By Rhea Shetty.


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Rhea Shetty

I started out as a science student,But then I wanted to do something which showcases my creativity and not just book knowledge. So I choose BMS and here I am excelling in every field. BMS is the best decision I have ever made. Hoping to help everyone with my posts.

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