In our life we find many things that are hard to achieve. We either try to blame the situation or a mere problem that comes into our way. But with little persistence we can surely accomplish our goal. For achieving a goal all we need to do is to take “one step at a time”.

Meeting deadlines are an inseparable part of achieving a goal. We all set our deadlines from time to time but only a few can commit to it. Meeting deadlines can be stressful but it makes you a better person as it teaches about time management, dedication and to work better  under pressure situations. Finally, Here are some tips for meeting the target set.

 1-Set goals and track your progress.

Speedometer - Reaching Your Goal

First of all give a concise thought and then select your goal. Setting your goal is just the starting point. Tracking your progress is the next step. Tracking progress may take a lot of effort however, you can use various online project tracker tools too.

2-Be Realistic.


Don’t set goals which cant be achieved. Being realistic about the whole plan ensures that you don’t over-commit as it disrupts the whole deadline schedule. Do not stay up till late while you need to work the next day. Make sure you get a good night sleep so that you are fresh and alert at all working times. 

3-Have a Plan B, and even better, a Plan C.


Done setting your goal? Good, now have a plan B or even plan C just to be in a safer side. You may not even expect anything to go wrong but suddenly it can. Always try to have a backup plan and more options. As we know, surprises, setbacks and roadblocks are truly inevitable.  If you create options for yourself, you will have less stress.

4-Set explicit expectations.


Setting expectations explicitly can always result in enhancing your productivity. This holds true when you hire an outside person to work for you. Does he know what is really expected from them? Will he be able to complete it on time? make sure you confirm all these questions and then make a decision. Communicating to them directly and regularly are easy ways to show how much commitment will you need from them.

5- Be a leader.


Always be in front of the crowd rather than in middle. Develop leadership qualities. Leading someone or something is not easy as it comes in with a lot of responsibilities too. Keep calm when things go off the track but don’t lose focus on your objective. Others will follow if you keep the morale high. Blaming others will never pay off anything for anyone. It just keeps on complicating things. As a leader you should avoid doing that.

Start using these tips and try to accomplish your task and meet your deadline. Meeting deadlines in your work can be very rewarding as well as satisfactory. 

– Vatsal Doshi

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I'm a guy who loves to learn as long as I like it. Else than that, I like to blog, play games, listen to music and make new friends. Passionate about football. My motto- "Spread happiness as it's free of cost!" 🙂
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