5 Kinds of Friends Who Can Teach You Business Skills


Friends are awesome. They are just as awesome as the glass of water after that tiring football match. They are just as fascinating as the view of moon during winter nights. They take care of you, accompany you for walks to tuitions, eat with you in the canteen, sing with you, make fun of you, and knock you out in those little arguments. During all these memorable experiences, you learn a lot from friends, both actively and passively.



If you are one of those looking to learn from every encounters in life and if you are one of those wanting to pursue an entrepreneurial career or are an entrepreneur already, then friends can passively teach you business skills like none other. Learning in a business school will definitely fetch you knowledge and skills, but at the cost of hefty fees. Learning from a mentor will cost you a specially designated time. Learning from friends will cost you nothing. They all possess certain kinds of inherent social qualities that are equally essential for running a business. Let’s see how to detect them.

1. The Cost-cutter: One who spends money equivalent to nothing

This guy always participates in social gatherings like at movies, eateries, weddings and birthday parties. These enjoy as much as everyone. The moment when it comes to contribution of money at the end or prior to the party, he takes a wobbly exit. They do this out of a habit. These are the people who make us learn how to minimize the costs and maximize the profits.

2. The Relationship Manager: One who takes care of you

At home its mom who takes care of you, outside it’s that friend of yours. They ask you if you’re hungry, accompany you almost everywhere, be your guard to the dangers of socials as well as the physical ones. They pay for you because they like it, they drop you to home and if they cannot make it, they ask you to text as soon as you reach home. From the business point of view, they exactly act like relationship managers. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and you will want to be loyal to them for sure.

3. The Human Resource Manager: One who keeps account of every person in the group

At any sort of disputes, there are friends who don’t give a damn, friends who give a damn but for a short while and there are friends who take actions against the wrong-doers. They educate everyone to be rational; they motivate, appraise and ask non-conformers to make their way out. These know how to gauge the eligibility of people. Yes, you can learn about basic and key roles of a Human Resource Manager from them.

4. The Marketer: One who constantly shows off

They just cannot shut up! They always have something or the other to simply show off. “My new expensive watch”, “my new self-bought car”, “my new pair of shoes bought at a much lower rate than from the mall”, “my new article”, “my new job”. He takes efforts to reach out to his audience. He uses different forms of media to show off, like realtime at chai shop as well as instagram. Every time they deal into something, they teach you state of the art marketing lessons. Sarcastic replies may bring a dead end to the lessons. Motivate them by complimenting their latest show-offs and you will learn more.


 5. The Public Relations Officer: One who is extra-societal

He knows everyone and everyone knows him in the college. His job is pretty much similar to that of The Marketer. The only difference is that the PRO always believes in having relations maintained with everyone at the college. Everyone includes the watchmen as well as the peons, believing that maintaining relations with everyone will help him get his work done, be famous or just his move for compassion. They teach you how to communicate with all kinds of persons and get your work done as easily as possible.

Learning from friends is not by asking them to teach you. If that was the case, what would remain as a difference between a formal coaching and this? Learning a maths lesson and French language is all active learning. Learning from them passively is awesome and requires the entrepreneurial state of mind. It is neither being foxy nor being shrewd. It’s called to be having fun with the learning attitude. Being with a friend is serendipity indeed.


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Devansh Thakker
An accidental science student but a self-acclaimed business and management geek. A man in the middle of his ladder. From my perspective, it simply means I am an undergraduate close enough to complete my graduation (BMS), with a little experience in business. Why BMS.co.in? Two reasons: 1. An emerging interest in writing brought me here, 2. What could be better than contributing to my own community first? Listening to music while travelling is awesome. Writing rhymes is another pastime. A strategy games lover, especially Defense of the Ancients and Age of Empires. Fitness is a must.


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