Regularly exercising helps you sustain a quality life and live longer. Pilates, zumba and aerobics are three different forms of exercises done in a group for maintaining healthy weight and keep fit. These types of workouts will be an integral part of many fitness programs. However, all the three forms of exercises are completely different from each other having their own best end results. One goes for particular form of workout depending upon his/her goal of exercise. Aerobics offers you amazing cardiovascular benefits while Pilates help you strengthen your endurance and flexibility. Zumba burns calories and helps maintain proper weight.


Zumba is a dance form practiced for weight loss. It involves entire body movement and is a combination of aerobics and your body resistance. It promises faster weight loss in an enjoyable way. Pilates came into existence to expand one’s flexibility, develop core strength and physically control the body through exercise. You elongate your muscles while in motion which gradually increases muscle elasticity and joint mobility. Aerobics was developed over a period of time which utilizes core muscle strength, increases heart best rate improving cardiovascular functioning. It is not flexibility-based and thus at the end of aerobics, you do some stretching for free movement.


Aerobics involves exercises based on dance or kickboxing movements to be done on the beats of music. You move backwards, forwards or sideways according to your choreography. In zumba, you perform various forms of dance targeting to lose fat of the required body part. It is mostly aerobic style exercising but briskly. Pilates does not involve much of physical movement and you mostly perform it sitting upright or lying down.


Pilates accelerate your muscle strength. Performing zumba vigorously involves your entire body weight that helps in improving the nervous system and explosive power. A lot of stretching is required in zumba with isometric contractions and enough flexibility to melt the fats rapidly. Pilates basically strengthens your muscle flexibility. It mostly requires abdominal muscle strength to give superb end results. Aerobics are non-strength based workouts. Exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups or squats are practiced in aerobics. These speed up heart rate and thus require strong cardiopulmonary functioning.

All the three workouts have similar goal of keeping you healthy overall, maintain mindfulness and keep your body toned. However, practicing them gives you particular end results. Zumba mainly contributes in losing weight quickly. Both zumba and pilates inflates your balance and flexibility. Pilates listens to your body and help in improving its co-ordination. Aerobics provides absolutely different result than the other two. It improves heart functioning and breathing capacity.

All the three forms of exercises eventually help you burn you calories, maintain healthy weight and improve overall health condition.


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Tanvi Shah


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