Wilson College Retail Management Prelims Question Paper 2014


                                    RETAIL MANAGEMENT                                    MARCH 2014 

  1. Answer questions as directed.
  2. Figures to the right denote marks.
  3. Illustrate your answer with examples.

Q1. Answer briefly.                                                                                                   (15)

(a)   Prestige pricing

(b)   Franchising

(c)    Retail formats

(d)   Category management

(e)    Visual merchandising


Q2. Case- study:                                                                                                        (15)

A column article, Top Ten by: Nick HanoverDanny

Last weekend, comic book retailers on the Internet got up in arms over Dark Horse Comics’ move to day-and-date releases for their digital comics — not just because they were doing it, but because the press release seemed to imply that the digital comics would be cheaper than their print counterparts. So a bunch of retailers proclaimed that they were going to boycott Dark Horse Comics and the usual comic book industry Nostradamus-ing ensued until Dark Horse’s Mike Richardson clarified the issue the following Monday.

Here’s the thing, though — digital isn’t going away. It didn’t for any of the other entertainment industries, so why would it for comics? Comic book shops needn’t be afraid of digital. Instead, they should be working to make their stores essential for fans, readers and regular folk and do things that ComiXology and Graphicly can’t.


Q.1. As a retailer how will you improve the comic book retail experience?                                              

Q.2.Describe the key opportunities and threats facing all retail business today.            

 Q3. Attempt any 3 questions from 5:                                                                      (30)     


I) A. What do you mean by the strategic retail planning process?                                                              B. Explain in detail various types of retailers operating in the market?


II)Write short notes on:                                                                                                  

 A. Store layout and design                              

 B. Responsibilities of store managers


III)  A. Explain the assortment planning process                                                        

        B. Explain the role of information technology in retailing.                                                  

 IV)  A. Explain the various pricing and growth strategies that a retailer can adopt for his business in the national and international market?

 B. Explain the functions performed by retailers. Elaborate on multi- channel retailing? 







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