Wilson College Entrepreneurship Management & SME Prelims Question Paper 2014



1. Q 1& 2 are compulsory.

2. Figures to right denote marks.

3. Solve any three questions from SEC II.

4. Quote examples wherever necessary.

Max marks: 60

SECTION I                                       

Q1. Answer in brief.                                                                                                        (10)

1) Explain change in lifestyle

2) Define Entrepreneurship.

3) What is collateral?

4) What is social risk?

5) Why is family support necessary for development of Entrepreneurship?


Q2. Prakash had graduated in science with first class Hons. He had already secured a job in a BPO and is now earning well. Recently he had purchased a new car and had also booked a new flat in the suburbs.

The life in BPO was not something he enjoyed but for the money he earned. No identity at work place, dignity of work, superiors shouting at the operators, getting behind to improve productivity have all made Prakash to think very hard about continuing in the job.

Now, he is thinking to look around for opportunities for job as well as a suitable economic activity. He feels uncomfortable in finding himself another job but to begin something on his own, he feels that he lacks experience. He certainly wishes to accumulate decent capital in the next two to three years until which, he is confident to find a suitable option.

Prakash had a penchant for organising parties and his friends would always trust him for arrangement. As a matter of fact, he was already supporting his income by such way .Now, he finds himself at the crossroad to choose between job and Entrepreneurship.

1) What should he do? How much of capital should he amass?

2)  How can he foray into entrepreneurship?

3) How does he carry out swot analysis for the area chosen?

4) Is he predisposed to carry out something on his own? What traits should he possess for the same?



Q3. Describe the process of idea generation?                                                            (10)

Q4. What is the status of woman entrepreneurship in today’s context?                         (10)

Why does it not surface easily?

Q5. Discuss the area of business plan in details.                                                           (10)

Q6. Write short notes (any two)                                                                                  (10)

1) Venture capital.

2) SLEPT analysis.

3) Intrapreneurship.


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