Why I Feel PK Movie Should Not Be Boycotted?



PK’s story goes like there is an Alien (Aamir khan), with a body similar to the human body, lands on Earth for a research mission on the human world. He lands in Rajasthan as his spaceship’s remote gets stolen by a villager. The alien chases the man in an attempt to get his device back but only manages to take the radio recorder of the thief. Then later he realise that roaming naked on earth isn’t deemed natural. The alien befriends Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt) who assumes the alien is simply a person suffering a memory loss. Singh helps the alien get accustomed to the village. As alien was not familiar with the language, but he has the ability to transfer a person’s memory to his own brain by holding that person’s hand and hence, he attempts to learn the local language through this technique. The alien travels to Delhi in search of his stolen device. Due to his strange behaviour in the city people assume him to be drunkard and refer to him as PK. He starts to figure out how he can retain his device back so he ask for help but people tell him that only god can help him find the device. However, PK is confused by the various religions and their own different understandings of god. PK later discover that a godman, Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla) has his device and falsely claims to attain it from Himalayas, and refuses to return it to PK. Without that device PK cannot go back to his planet.

Meanwhile, TV reporter Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) meets a man name Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput) while both are in Bruges. Jaggu’s father is strongly against the relationship between them due to Sarfaraz being from Pakistan. Jaggu decides to marry Sarfaraz anyways. While she waits for Sarfaraz in the town hall, a boy delivers a letter to her that states that the marriage is off due to their differences, with a request to refrain making contact. Jaggu, very disappointed, leaves, discarding the letter by leaving it there on a chair.

Later back in India, Jaggu sees PK distributing leaflets about missing a god.  As a reporter, she is interested in this strange man, and makes contact. PK tells her the whole story. Jaggu convinces her channel head (Boman Irani) to make a TV show with PK, exposing Tapasvi. People in masses get connected to the show and open their eyes against the fake godmen. Tapasvi comes to the studio for a confrontation with PK. In the same TV show, Tapasvi brings up Jaggu´s personal matter of her bad experience with Sarfaraz to prove a point. Due to PK’s request, Jaggu reluctantly tries to contact Sarfaraz which leads her to call the Pakistan Embassy in Belgium. The embassy tells Jaggu that Sarfaraz calls them daily to inquire whether Jaggu has called. It turns out that the message in Bruges was a case of mistaken identity by the letter delivery boy. The misunderstanding between them gets cleared. After hearing this, Tapasvi reluctantly gives PK his device back.

In this whole process, PK falls in love with Jaggu but chooses not to tell her as she loves Sarfaraz. Jaggu later publishes a book about PK and, at a book reading, claims that she misses him deeply due to the memories he has left her with and the impact he had made on her life.


Personally I’m not able to understand why people are boycotting the movie. There are some of the facts that tells us why it should not be boycotted:

  • The hashtag was created that is trending on twitter as #BoycottPK. People base their accusations against the film on the Hindu –Muslim romance between actors Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput that forms a sub-plot of PK. On one hand we talk about humanity, unity and on the other side we criticize relation between Hindu and Muslim, why? Everyone has the right to live, to love, to express their views and opinions then why such difference is made by our society in this 21st century?? We are progressing in terms of technology, trying to improve the economic condition when it comes to religions then the same people are discriminated in terms of their cast and religions.
  • There is democracy in India, everyone has their viewpoint about some matters so do the Film producers and directors of the movie. Religions are not criticized just reality check has been shown by them to us. No offense is taken against cultures and religions.
  • The movie doesn’t tell us not to believe in god. The movie tells us that there is a God but why everyone is searching for it? God is within us. I’m not saying you should not believe in god or anything (I’m also religious person) but godmen don’t exist in this world. God is within ourselves if we believe so.
  • Everyone should worship God who has created us. Previously a movie came with the name “OH MY GOD” in which God tells us he doesn’t want people to offer him anything rather, they can give something to those who are poor and are not able to get food once in a day.
  • People visit temples and offer God with milk, oil, food, and money, gold. God didn’t ask for all this from us? He just want us to be happy and help others for a living and at least worship him once in a day. No religion is targeted or criticised in the movie. Just reality check is given to the people.
  • The people who try to gain popularity in the sake of God’s name are totally fake. God is within us as I have mentioned before rather than believing such fake godmen we should believe in ourselves.

 Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in PK Movie Posters

At the end, I would like to say that I have watched the movie personally and didn’t feel it was against any religion or culture. I loved the movie as well as enjoyed watching it. I will support the hashtag #SupportPK because the movie has not shown anything against any religion. Everyone has his right to express his views!

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Archana Negi


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