How Can I Restore My Faith In Humanity After The Peshawar Incident


     Peshawar Incident

HUMANITY! Does this word really exist? I don’t think so. Humanity is the quality of being humane, to care about all the people and to love them as our own family. But I guess “GHOR KALYUG HAI” has turned out to be true. As predicted in the religious books, today’s man is self-centred and can do anything for his benefit in the name of religion. They have changed the definition of humanity into being inhumane. Best example is the PESHAWAR MASSACRE.

      16 December, 2014 – A Black Day for humanity. A group of people attacked an Army School in Peshawar, Pakistan. They say that Pakistan government is preparing to kill terrorists and their families. So they killed these children who are getting trained and who will one day join army. Was it correct to do so? Even killing an adult is not right and these people killed 132 children. They indirectly killed 132 mothers, 132 families. How can people be so cruel? These little kids went to school with the hope that one day they will protect their country and make their mother proud. They went school to come back home, to eat with their mother and to sleep with her. They never thought that their destiny has snatched away their chance to go back home, to live with their families. Instead they had to sleep forever in a peaceful place, away from all evils.

      Gandhiji has truly said – “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Violence is not the solution for fulfilling demands. These people think that this massive killing will help them to get what they want, but that is not true. They will definitely be punished for their doings. Either by the government or by GOD.

      Other attacks like 26/11 and several attacks by ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and more such terrorist groups have killed thousands of people. Reason is either revenge or conversion of religion. Is this what our religion actually teaches us? Does it teach us to separate loved ones from each other, to make a child an orphan, to kill a whole family? Absolutely not, no religion does that. Its people’s misunderstanding and their own aggression that teaches them to do all this. Only thing that people need to understand is that HUMANITY is the biggest religion and Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc. are nothing in front of it.

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Tanvi Taparia


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