Why Empower Indian Women?


Empower Indian Women

We all in India are striving towards women equality. 

So many years have passed, still we found gender inequality in India. 

There are many factors which are responsible for the women empowerment which is still not fully present.

Crimes against women 

Crime against women show us the real picture how it is directly orchestrating women empowerment in India. 

The day these crime will stop, it will be considered as a country having women empowerment. There are still many men in India who think of them highly just because of their gender. Due these reasons, perhaps, such crimes are happening.

Empower Indian Women 1


Many women are unaware of their rights. This is majorly because of illiteracy and uneducated women present in the society. There are many other things which women in India are unaware of, they are sometimes purposefully kept in darkness, as there is this old outrageous concept of women only allowed to give birth and take care of kids and household.

Due to such situations women are not given education. A country’s growth also depends upon women’s education. 


Poverty is one of the many reasons due to which women are deprived from education. Still certain level education is free for women, but what about people who can’t even afford that. As you may all know there are many people who are below poverty line in India. 

Also what about further education if a girl child want to get educated? If they can’t afford it, it becomes little difficult for them to take that education.

These are the basic problems that India faces in cases related to Women Empowerment. 

The Government of India must take more measure to at least solve these problems well. The implementation of the law must be in more appropriate way.

The day these problems will be solved, India will be leader in Women Empowerment.

Nowadays the trend is changing a little bit with efforts taken. But one must remember one thing that Women Empowerment is a two-way process.

Even women must be equally passionate about things and empowerment. 

A change takes time and I believe this change is seen nowadays in India. 

Hopefully, in future India will lead other countries as well in Women empowerment.





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Saniya Rane

I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.


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