What Are The Characteristics And Functions of NGOs?





Characteristics of NGO’s –


  1. Support democratic system.
  2. No profit basis.
  3. Wide operation area.
  4. Limited external control.
  5. Non-political character
  6. Clearly defined objectives.
  7. Need financial support.


  • Activities or Functions of NGO –


  1. Create Awareness –

          No activity can be successful unless it receives support from the people. NGO’s are required to follow sustained effort in order to make people realize that without unity & standing for one another, it is not possible to protect mutual interest.


  1. Protect Human Rights –

           NGO’s have done commendable job to protect human rights of the people belonging to different social sections maybe men/women or children. Abuses or violation of human rights are strongly fought against.


  1. Encourage Rehabilitation –

               Many citizens get adversely affected in life because of social, economic reason. NGO’s provide the healing touch & rehabilitate them.


  1. Protect Environment –

               Presently NGO’s are working hard in order to protect environment by asking manufacturer to use eco-friendly goods/products.


  1. Combat Man Made Crises –

                    NGO’s help to work for people in distress who are affected by

      communal riots. They ensure that money, food, medicines, clothing & reach

      these unfortunate masses by surpassing corrupt official.


  1. Gainful Employment –

                 NGO’s teach economically deprived people the dignity of labour. They motive people to earn through hard work & lead a respectable life. NGO’s like CRY & SEWA provide opportunity for gainful employment.


  • Conclusion –

                       The contribution of NGO is in exercising that social control of a business is far more satisfied. This quantitative growth is not accomplished by qualitative growth. NGO’s in India are dependant on financial assistance of the government to a considerable extent.



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