Swayamvars On TV-“Spare Me The Drama!”



Makes me recoil at the fact that how can starlets make their personal life a ‘tamasha’   for people to enjoy over?How can they themself enjoy discussing over such intimate aspects of their life?Astonishingly,their dramebaazi creates mind-blowing baubles and such programmes are always high on TRP .Starlets  make their marriage a tamasha, choose their bride/groom on TV, vow to never leave each other’s side on TV and marry on TV,just to get split later on.

One Swayamvar works and you are lured to watch another one.If you did watch the Swayamvars of Rakhi Sawant  and Rahul Mahajan and if you sit and introspect,none of these did work.Rahul  Mahajan is reported to spank his wife.It’s indeed disgraceful.Everything  ends up being a full-fledged drama sequence.Are these Swayamwars showing TV in a different garb?NO.It presents a dismal picture of it instead.The value system gets eroded beyond redemption.The meaning of Swayamvar has been something else to Indian culture.And today here we are changing the total meaning of it.Making the the meaning so cringe-worthy by making it nothing about hard-core drama.I do get the fact that they are media interest.People do enjoy such shows but what about real admirers of these starlets?Who go to such shows with the hope that they will woo them and end up getting tricked.Starlets do marry them,only to fool them at the end and indulge in physical acts of violence and mess up their life entirely.It is just a way of tricking their fans.The audience for once wants to see the real face of their starlets.They owe the audience that.Rather then making a fool of the audience and themselves too.

They earn a fortune.But respect?All lost in the prowling money-hungry,publicity-hungry acts. Swayamwars today just make me think about how we are today in an era of brittle and fluctuating relationships.An era when one even makes their marriage a show for people to watch  with an intact facade just for the sake of money.Everybody a part of this rat race.Makes me want to call these Swayamwars a thinly disguised cattle show!Can we be and see real for once? -MISBAAH MANSURI

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Riya Lokhande


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