Special Studies in Marketing Prelims Question Paper 2014 by Ganesha Classes



   2 ½ Hours                                          Ganesha Classes                             Total Marks: 75


N.B.:      1)      Q.1. to Q.4. having internal option.

         2)   All Questions are compulsory

         3)   Write new questions on new Page, continue sub-question from same page.




Q.1. a)  Explain the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. (Pg-22)                                                               (08)

  1. b) What is self Concept? Explain the types of Self Concept. (Pg-37) (07)


Q.1. a)  Define Consumer Involvement? Explain the various types of Consumer Involvement.        (08)


  1. b) Explain the factor influencing the rate of diffusion. (Pg-55) (07)


Q.2. a)  Define Integrated Marketing Communication? Explain its Component. (Pg-72)                  (08)

  1. b) Define Advertising? Explain its Features. (Pg-93) (07)


Q.2. a)  Explain the Function of Advertising. (Pg-96)                                                                                    (08)

  1. b) Discuss the structure of Advertising Agency. (pg-111) (07)


Q.3. a)  What is Television? Explain its advantages and Disadvantage (pg-125)                               (08)

  1. b) Explain Magazine Advertising? Explain its advantages and Disadvantages.(pg-133) (07)


Q.3. a)  What is Media Planning? Explain the Needs of the Media Planning.(Pg-146)                      (08)

  1. b) Define Media Scheduling? What are the strategies of Media Scheduling? (pg-160) (07)


Q.3. p) Explain the various method of Testing Advertising Effectiveness. (Pg- 179)                       (08)

  1. q) Explain the essential for Effective testing of Advertisement. (Pg-185)                         (07)


Q.4. a)  Write a short note on – Brand Equity (pg- 208)                                                                     (08)

  1. b) Discuss the reason for the growth of sales promotion. (pg-241) (07)


  1. p) What are the Channel of Direct Marketing in IMC? (Pg-252) (08)
  2. q) Define E-Commerce? Explain its advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce. (07)



Amul Image Makeover to attract the youth

Amuls tongue in cheek advertisements have always been popular. Though a multi media campaign Amul intends to change its image and target the youth. The dull and conservative image associated with Amul products has to be rubbed off minds of the youth.

As a strategy, amul has decided to communicate with the new generation more aggressively than ever before. So the $ 2- billion brand is working on pack designs,  Product positioning and event target the 18-22 age groups, which forms 51% of Indian consumer. The brand has announced its sponsorship of the sauber formula 1 team in the forthcoming Airtel Indian Grand Prix, the first ever Formula 1 race in the country.

Amul is moving fast by communicating with the youth in the language they understand and doing things that appeal to them. So, be it repositioning an orthodoxz dairy product like ghee, Amul butter and Amul ice-creams, the company is doing everything for the youth eyeballs and wallets. Backing of the young generation will be key for Amul to achieve its target of becoming a $3- Billion brand by the end of this fiscal and joining the ranks of Nestle, Danone, Lactalis and Fonterra as an international dairy major.

Amul has now realised that being youthful necessarily does not mean you are shedding away your legacy. Amoul enjoy 90% market share in the Indian butter market, 80% in cheese, 40% in Ice-cream and 25% share in the pouched milk market. It spends less than 1% of its turnover on marketing and has always bet on Umbrella branding.

  1. Suggest an appropriate STP strategy for Amul.                                     (08)
  2. Suggest any two IMC tools to promote Amul to youth.                                     (07)





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