Social Networking sites beneficial to direct marketers?


How the social networking is beneficial to direct marketers???…..

but the millionaire question is “ is it the best way”?

The explosion of social networking sites has been a boon for direct marketers. For the hundreds of millions of users of Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and so on, they are fun ways to communicate with their friends and make more friends, and for marketers it’s a huge databases of consumer information. This information is used intensively by direct marketers as cost-effective tool to send targeted promotional messages to customers.
Due to the new technologies a lot has changed, not just for consumers but also for marketing firms and their capability to get the message out. Services such as mobile phone providers can map the entire structure of network connections. And there are ways of discerning who is a sophisticated user of technology and who can use the multiple services
Now it does. For marketers the interesting thing about this is that the network structure maps the communication channels.

  • Marketer
  • Word of mouth
  • Customer

As a result, they can actually identify the channels for word-of-mouth communication and potentially have a good idea about who is talking to whom and what they are talking about.
But the amount of information that marketing firms can get depends on factors as the type of service and legal regulations in place. But there are ways to get social network users communicating about your brand or product.

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