The rural community is not a part or fraction of India but India itself. It is a fact very less known that the rural community makes more then 80 percent of India’s population. I’m sure each of you will admit that 80 perfect of the people is almost the whole of the people. So how can that aspect be neglected? Why should it? While the rural community is a vast one, the problems profoundly affecting it’s life and growth are complex to a great degree. The problem of food and land are closely mixed together, making the land hunger and landless a major issue.


The problems of unemployment continue to haunt them. Another thing that catches our mind is the widespread illiteracy and ignorance among the rural areas in India. Major of them do not know the alphabet and it’s power and only a microscopic minority of them can read and write. It is not just this but many aspects in which the villages continue to stay backward and lack even basic facilities sometimes. Truly,a good deal of work has to be done.No thoughts or words,however lofty can achieve anything.

It might be long and laborious but we have to cultivate strong guts.They say if you want to see true India,you must go to the villages.But is this the India we would like to show ? Would we like to show a picture of down – trodden masses and roads as pictures of hell? We surely don’t.

– Misbaah Mansuri

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