Retail Management Sample Question Paper 2013

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  1. All questions are compulsory in section I and
  2. Attempt any 3 from section II

Section I


Q.1) Explain the following concepts:-                                                                                                          (15)

  1. Retail marketing strategy
  2. CRM in retailing
  3. Store VS non-store retailing
  4. Circulation plan
  5. Grid layout

Q.2) case study                                                                                                                                                       (15)

Pratap kapoor’s wild dinning format is unique and one of its kind in Mumbai. Advertised as a jungle theme restaurant, it is named as “sher Baugh.” Wild dinning is more of an amusement park then dining space with all the facilities, which can delight a family. It delivers its promises through robotic animals and a simulated thunderstorm, features that would delight children. It gives the feeling of living in the wild for the urbanites and gives them a break from the typical fancy restaurants.

Mr. Pratap was planning to convert his venture into a franchise format with opening of outlet in all the metro cities in India. However, he is not sure of the sale ability of this kind of retail format in the Indian context. This critic of his venture says that for adults who put the food over the experience of eating in an artificial jungle the wild dining restaurant is not all that fun. In addition, the cost incurred in setting up the format is a point of concern.

Q.a) what is wild dining offering and target market?                                                                                       (4)

Q.b) according to you will this kind of theme based dinig format succeed in the Indian context? Why? Explain with relevant examples.                                                                                                                           (6)

Q.3) many retailers have tried to make their store entertaining. What are the pros and cons of proving entertainment in the retail store or restaurant?                                                                                                (5)

Section II

Q.3) Explain the strategic retail planning in detail                                                                                            (10)

Q.4) what are the factors that have contributed to the rise of retail in India ? explain the challenge that global retail will face in India?                                                                                                                               (10)

Q.5) what is merchandise? Explain the factors necessary for sales forecasting?                                         (10)

Q.6) what are the factors that the retailers need to take into account while choosing a location for a retail store?                                                                                                                                                             (10)


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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).

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2 comments, 2 points
Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).


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