Love, Dating and All The Dramebazi In Our Lives!


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Relationships are something into which we deeply heed our interests. We want to know about our friends’ relationship status, want to peep into other’s personal life and also get involved in it to experience it once. We see all people around getting into relationships some seriously while some just blindly get hooked. We start to picturize how we would make as a girlfriend /boyfriend and how our life would change drastically with the “someone special”. Especially the boys who have been struggling to impress her girl and tie the knot. While many girls never give it a try and traditionally crush their crushes.

The single ones always want to get mingled, precisely. They think it would be great  to have a partner with whom they can share all their feelings, who will care for them, will make them happy and be their pillar at bad times – then being alone and depended on busy friends, live a life of loneliness as their other friends are happily mingled. Their visionary is like their life would simply blossom just if they get into a relationship. They are tired and always ready with their boards “FOREVER SINGLE” AND “ERROR 404, LOVE NOT FOUND”.

While on the other part it’s sad how some people go or stay into relationships just for material purposes, to fulfill their enjoyment or for a status. These people are the ones who create a fiercely heartening impact on others. They are the bad fish in the lake. They never knew or will know what a relationship means. For them its splurging money on your partner, going for a 9-12 movie, exchanging expensive gifts and all those unreal things. Their only requirement is looks. They are done if their criterion is well fulfilled. These kinds of relationships eventually survive for 2-3 months and effortlessly break up. They ungraciously start a new life with someone else. These people should understand they are born humans and not animals.

Now comes the most perfectly foolish type of relationships. I m really sorry for the ones who follow and believe in this – but after reading this you will also term yourself as one.

These are the ones who have a partner but sadly they haven’t met yet. It’s because their love isn’t in air …. But ONLINE.

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You say you have impressed a girl online, you both have a great time together, you both are really attracted towards each other and you really drive each other crazy when one pops out on the screen, you have each other’s dreams and smile blushingly when the one pokes you or send a good morning message with some extra cheesy names. And you can’t leave without each other – if not chatted in a day.

TRUE LOVE I must say. You haven’t met each other ever or to a surprise met twice or thrice and you call yourself the girl’s boyfriend? And vice versa.  Go and get a life or go and get the guts to impress or meet a girl/boy in real and have a real life. Or else you will have to marry on Skype and get your babies downloaded from Google.

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Drinking in the infinitely foolishness of this truth is hard.

Now remembering that there are still real people and good fortune alive in this world, let’s talk about the REAL RELATIONSHIPS … THE TRUE LOVE!

True love is when you need not break stones hard. It would happen naturally. All the things will be placed perfectly and the person you love truly will be yours.

You will find yourself caved in by a person’s thoughts and finally surrender. The best relationships happen unexpectedly. It may be your friend, crush or your best friend. The perfect relationship is when the two are so much into each other that they cannot even imagine of being rude, disloyal, and dishonest or any other such things which will hurt their partner. A perfect relationship looks perfect. It’s about your level of understanding, bonding and infinite trust that makes your relation strong.

Its love. When you love you should blindly trust your partner and fulfill your part. When you know you have the right one. Take every step with great care – because today if you have something, tomorrow you have chances of losing it.


Its love. When you feel like giving so much that you ‘burn yourself out’ in the giving process. It’s not about sharing expensive gifts but doing silly things for each other. It’s not about being together for the whole day and night but to see your love for some minutes and feel happy for the whole day.

You learn to pass always with the distance tests. It’s not about talking or chatting for long hours but to be patient and wait for the other. It’s not about saying I love you many times but meaning it. It’s about how you prove your love by your acts. It’s not about fighting and hurting your love but it’s to hide one’s pain and give happiness to the other.


It’s about splurging money together, doing crazy things together, enjoying the small-small things together, and sharing each other’s sorrow. The time spent together is memorable and you wish those filmy lines “I wish time would stop when I am with you” come true and real. It’s about owning someone’s soul completely. It’s about making a beautiful difference in someone’s life and make them feel blessed and lucky always. It’s something which makes you happy each day.

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True love is not about being passionate but silly. It’s to feel the limitless love with a person and the relation that you are bound to spend your entire life serving to this alluring relation and willingly nourish it.

                                                                         –  SANGITA MAITY

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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to [email protected]


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