Love Or Infatuation


Have you ever asked yourself that is it love or just an attraction?  If you are confused, then I will make it much easier to understand you the difference 🙂

Love and infatuation share similar symptoms which means they both have the same thing in common, that is a strong affection towards someone. Love and infatuation have the same characteristics which are passion, desire to be close, unfamiliar emotions of people. Now let us see these points more briefly: Passion is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an emotion or desire for anything. Love and infatuation both share the symptoms of passion when feeling something very strong about someone. Desire to be close means when a person is attracted to another person and wants to know everything about them and you all wish to spend more and more time together and may also feel lonely when we are apart from the other person but it can be a sign of love as well as of infatuation. The last point is unfamiliar emotions -these are the emotions in which you’re happy when everything is going good and feel sick when things go wrong. This can happen in both love and infatuation, but still if you are not able to find out what really you feel for that special person then I will tell you what the difference of both:

  • Love grows slowly, whereas infatuation grows rapidly: Love develops slowly in a relation because you are interested in knowing the person, rather than jumping into making a commitment. Love grows with time, it starts with friendship, then good friends, then share most of the time, then strong feelings turn into love. A person can never know the person in few dates so always takes time to know the person.


  • Love is only concern with one person, whereas infatuation may involve several: Love is concerned with only one person to whom they think they are happy with, but in case of infatuation one person can fall for more than one more at one time. They may feel they have strong affection for both the persons, but this doesn’t happen in the case of love.


  • Trust and jealously: When a person falls in love with someone they always have their trust on the person and they believe them, but in the case of infatuation, people are jealous and insecure or possessive about their partners.

 Love Or Infatuation

  • Love corrects the flaws and infatuation ignores them: Love always correct the faults of their partner to motivate them to move on the right path, but in infatuation instead of correcting the mistakes they just ignore them as like they never bothered them.


  • Love is based on compatibility, chemistry and infatuation is mostly based on physical appearance: People are mostly attracted to physical appearance of the people rather than their personality, their compatibility or their chemistry together but love acts totally different. Love sees what the things are in common, what are the views of both, same interests, their attitude, behaviour towards each other.



These are some points which can help you figure out the difference of both and can be a helping hand to know what you really feel for someone 😀


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