Love Is The Essence Of Living Life In True Sense


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The basic thing a human needs for living is food, clothing and shelter. Is all this enough for a human being? We all know as human beings we are selfish and hence our desires are never ending. We only want and want everything that is there on earth. For example a rich man desires for more wealth. A woman desires that she always remain beautiful and fit. A merit student always want the best marks. An employee always wants more salary. A businessman always wants more profits. These are just few examples but it is the reality which will never change. We as humans are never satisfied with what we have but always want more.


These are all materialistic things that we wish for but as humans we also want something else and that are nothing else but emotions. We want to cry, we want to be happy, we want to love and feel love. Maybe once a person can live without all materialistic things but we can’t live without emotions. The most important thing for a human being is Love. ‘Love is everything we need’. Love is something which is the biggest desire and wants for a human. We all want to be loved. A mother wants to be loved by her Son or Daughter. Husband wants his wife to love him. Children want their parents to love them and vice-versa. We say love is selfless but is it true?


If it is then why can’t a Man be happy with the feeling that he loves a Woman who doesn’t love him back and same goes with the woman? Why is it that we want our Husbands or Wives only for ourselves? Why the feeling of jealously? The answer to it is very simple and that is we want love back when we give love and it also proves that love is something which we can’t live without.


Even the reason behind a stone hearted person being stone hearted is Love. Even the person who runs behind money does it for love, maybe doing everything for someone whom he loves or must be loving money itself. But one can rightly say we all live to Love and to be loved.


If it wouldn’t be so then God wouldn’t have ever created a Woman for Man’s Company. He is done that so that he can share his life and love. If love wouldn’t be everything then Jesus wouldn’t have ever given up his life by the death on the cross for the sins of Human Kind.


The best of all examples is about Rajesh who from the age of 10 has lost everything. He lost his Dad when he was infant then after the age of 15 he lost his Mother. Then at the age of 24 even his Grandmother expired who was the only person he had of his own whom he loved. Today Rajesh has the best of Job and life but if he lacks anything is Love. He has his own bungalow in which he lives alone. If he lacks anything then it is LOVE.


So Love truly is something one can’t live without and love is all that we need. If it is not so then why do we want a life partner? If we say money then what is money without a life partner; ask a Widow or do think about Rajesh….

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