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Mr. Prabhakar is a design manager with Tex Maco Limited, for the last six years. He holds a diploma in arts from a reputed institute. He is known for his creativity and hard work. (Recently, one of his designs got an international award at the exhibition in Frankfurt).
A team of four junior artists work under him. He and his team are responsible for the new product designs and the commercial launch of new designs. The company’s General Manager (Production), to whom Mr. Prabhakar reports, is a close friend. This friendship has made their office relations also informal.

Informality of this relationship made Mr. Prabhakar over ambitious. He now started thinking of an early promotion, extraordinary treatment and more facilities from the general manager. He started taking important decisions without informing his boss.

This new development irritated the general manager and he advised Mr. Prabhakar to behave within the limits. Mr. Prabhakar had not expected such an advice from his boss.

These days, Mr. Prabhakar is terribly upset. He is not in a position to analyze the reasons for his stress. He thinks that certain medicines could make him all right.

Analyze the reasons for Mr. Prabhakar’s stress. Discuss the remedies for him.

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