Interview with Nikita Mittal, Co-founder, GreenSpecks


Nikita Mittal

Tell us something about yourself?

I am an engineer by education. However, I was always more towards, what you say, creativity right from the college days. And I discovered that when I was in 12th. I had a flair for writing which started with a teen magazine, The Teenager. I got my first poem published there and that changed the world for me. One thing led to another. Till the time, I came into college; I was handling a team of 2 writers. It gradually increased to 5, 7, and 10 and so on. I had clients from round the globe – from US, UK, Australia and other countries. However, I was an equally bright student and was among the top 10 students of my batch in B.Tech. I was working with a MNC till now but things were not going the way I wanted, and thus realized this is the right time to take the plunge and take this to next level – and so came the GreenSpecks.


Tell us something about your business. 

GreenSpecks is all about transparency and quality. We are a web development and branding agency based in Ahmedabad. As the name says, we provide you an extra eye to your brand and linked strategies. Striving for excellence, we are known for doing things differently. We are your one stop digital solution to all your needs – web design and development, content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, digital marketing and branding. The GreenSpecks was co-founded by me and Dhaval Jani.


What is your philosophy towards work?

Whatever you do, give your 100%. Either do it or do not do it. Mediocrity never takes you anywhere. You cannot be almost married! Either you are or you are not!


Whom do you admire as your role model? And why?

My mother! The way she manages house, finds time for her and give her cent percent in everything she does – she is my biggest role model, my inspiration and my motivation bank too!


“Management is core to every individual, organization & society.” Give your views on it.

Obviously, how can you expect even a house to run without proper management? When four blood relations can’t run longer without a proper management, organization and society cannot even sustain. It is the way things are managed in an organization that lay the foundation of your success or failure.


Name 3 qualities of prime importance that a businessman should possess.

  • An eye for opportunity
  • Foresightedness
  • Patience and preservance


According to you, what are the challenges for Entrepreneurship today?

Entrepreneurship is challenging and no one said it is going to be easy! There are various challenges but a real entrepreneur knows the art to tackle them wisely! There are challenges like persuading the family members, convincing the society, forming the right team and so on.


Can Entrepreneurship be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges?

Not actually! It is a state of mind and that cannot be cultivated!


Is the Name of the Institute from where a student pursues his/her Graduation/Post Graduation or other courses important while setting up your business?

No! The way you deal, the core values you infuse into your business, the values you stand for – these make the difference.


Do you think today’s economy is conducive for a new venture to start upon?

I believe things are easier now than what they were a few years back.


“Earning more & more is the motive behind any business.” Is it justifiable?

Undoubtedly, earning is one of the motives of a business but if it becomes the main motive, that’s where the problem starts! Deliver best and quality in whatever you deliver – such that your services/product stands apart and money will follow automatically!


Share with us the most enjoyable moment you had experienced on work.

When we get a new project, when content marketing meets the expected count of readers, when social media campaigns bring results – everything!


Your feedback for

A wealth of resources for students. Keep doing the good work. All the best!



History– We started with freelancing projects but now are a full groomed web development and branding agency.

Vision/Mission– To become the synonym for excellence.

Products & Service– content writing, content marketing, blogging, web designing, web development, SEO, Social media marketing, – a resort discovery portal

Marketing Strategy– create awareness, deliver excellence, let people speak for you!

Existing Market Presence– Have 30+ national and international clients

Future Plans– To run as many and more campaigns, develop web applications, make brands viral, to become the number one in whatever we do!


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