International Marketing October 2013 University Question Paper


OCT 2013 SEM 6


Q1 Explain International Trade.                                                                            3marks


 Q2 Explain Transport Packaging.                                                                         3marks


 Q3 Explain Export Pricing.                                                                                     3marks


 Q4 Explain Counter Trade.                                                                                                3marks


Q 5 Explain EPCG Schemes.                                                                                3marks


Q 6 Analyze the following Case Study and answer the questions given below.
‘AYUR’ Ayurveda Ltd. is a Raigad based pharmaceutical company which has made its strong presence felt in the domestic market with its limited Brands of Ayurvedic preparations in health Care business. It claims to market its product without any side effect which has become its selling point. One of its new product is “Dio-Care”. Which is a combination of fenuGrek Cinnamon and bitter Guard and is found singificantly useful to control blood sugar in diabetic patients. This brand is considered an important innovation in the treatment of diabetics. Its sales have caught up in a big way in domestic market. In the meeting the BOP toyed with the idea to explore Global market for their innovative product. The Directors felt the company is financially strong, has effective marketing department as well as they have well equipped R and D department with programme outlook of management and supportive government policy, now is the right time to diversity on to overseas market the Directors also expressed their appreciation that export market is not unpredictable and uncertain. At the end of the deliberation they decided to go ahead venture into export markets.
(a) Give your opinion about the possibility of success of dio-care in overseas market. (7marks)
(b) Identify the steps involved to explore export market for an innovative product dio-care in health care business. (8marks).



 Q7 Explain the significant role of international marketing for a developing economy like India.                                                                                                             10marks


 Q8 Discuss the requisites of good packing and packaging decisions in international marketing.                                                                                                                      10marks


 Q9 What are the various export incentives given by Government of India to improve the performance of exporters?                                                                             10marks


 Q10 Explain various basis for international market segmentation.                10marks


Q11 Write a short note on FDI.                                                                               5marks


 Q12 Write a short note on FOB price v/s CIF price.                                            5marks


Q 13 Write a short note on Trading Blocs.                                                                        5marks


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