International Marketing October 2012 University Question Paper




OCT 2012 SEM 6

Q1 Explain Trading Bloc.                                                                                       3marks


 Q2 Explain Tariff and Non-Tariff Barrier.                                                             3marks


 Q3 Explain Packaging.                                                                                           3marks


Q 4 Explain Break even price.                                                                                3marks


 Q5 Explain Market Segmentation.                                                                                    3marks


 Q6 Case study:-
A new Asian Development Bank report lauds the rise of the Indian middle class and projects it as the engine of global growth. The report states that the Asian middle class will dominate the next two decades. India will cross billion by 2030. The report further states that Asia’s emerging consumers are likely to assume the traditional role of the US and European middle class as global consumers and play a key role in rebalancing the World’s economy. The traditional definition of middle class covers those who have not inherited wealth, hold regular jobs and enjoy a degree of financial security that allows them to consume and save and support the maintenance of law and order.
ADB reports splits the middle class into three Sub-sections: Lower Middle Class ($Z – $4), Middle Class ($4 – $10) and Upper Middle Class ($10 – $20). The vast majority of the Indian Middle Class.i.e. 82% of it or 224 million people f it into the first category. Since $1 PPP is Rs. 17.256.This means that the vast majority of the Indian Middle Class earns between Rs. 1035 to Rs. 207A.The report shows that middle class Indians Systematically defines them as poorer than they actually are in surveys. Even by this fairly stingy definition, in all of developing Asia. Only Nepal, Laos, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan have a middle class that is a smaller proportion of the total population than in India. China’s middle class is 63% of population and Sri Lanka’s 59%.

(i) Do you agree that Indian middle class will fuel globate growth in the next? Decade? (5marks)
(ii) Would you support the view that Indian middle class will rebalance the world? Economy? (5marks)
(iii) Along with the rise of Indian Middle Class, will India attract more FDI? (5marks).



Q 7 What is international Business Environment? Explain in brief, the external factors affecting the international Business Environment.                                          10marks



 Q8 Explain the role of Indian Institute of Packaging (llP) in lnternational Marketing.



 Q9 As a manager what factors will you consider to determine price ?          10marks



 Q10 What are the basis for segmentation ?                                                        10marks



 Q11 Differene between lnternational Marketing and domestic marketing.   5marks


 Q12 Write a short note on Types of Foreign lntermediaries.                              5marks


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