Roman emperor Marcus Aurelieus once said, ‘think of what you have rather than what you lack. Of the things you have, select the best and then reflect how eagerly you would have sought them if you did not have them.’ Every individual has got some latent qualities within him.


Mahatma Gandhi had also subscribed to this view. He said that all the virtues depend on the single virtue of insistence. It is this lack of ability which is the cause of the most of sad failures that strains history of mankind. It is because man does not persevere in overcoming one’s difficulty at a time when he falls. One of the authors Donald Clifton writes that instead of spending time trying to correct one’s weakness – as many of us are taught to do – our experience suggests that one should focus on one’s special talents. For every strength one has, one also possesses a multitude of non-strengths.

It would be a huge waste of energy to try to fix all of one’s weaknesses. And that is why nowadays one will fin the people with many interests and abilities, pursuing multiple activities, have achieved only mediocrity in the long run. Lewis Terman, a Stanford University psychologist, observed that exceptional intelligence doesn’t guarantee extraordinary accomplishment. It seemed clear that what distinguished spectacular achievers was that former were focused on what they wanted to do in life. Ultimate excellence is a product of total commitment and hardwork over the long term. An author Wernher von Braun writes that I have learned to use the word impossible with greatest care, hence one must work on a problem only if it is lessening one’s productivity or self-esteem. It has been observed that individuals are always stronger when they have success clearly in mind. Shivaji  was very clear about his goal and that was ‘Hindwi Swaraj’, he never allowed his self- respect to be lowered in the court of Aurangazeb and neither Mahatma Gandhi, throughout his period of fighting against the Britishers and did anything that defamed him or the party or the country because his vision was very clear.

When Pandit Nehru joined him, the duo were in a position to achieve what others could not do so because there are some strengths that reveal themselves, those of only when combined with the other people. Everyone needs support of some sort, as poor vision needs the eye-glasses. Success provides confidence and confidence gives the inner strength required to face the odds in life. Actually speaking the secret lies in the proper use of discretion at proper place and proper timings to tackle a situation. When one comes across somebody for a chat or for gossip, there are magnetic rays that emit from each other. These rays are called the ‘Halo.’ If they concur with each other then a favourable opinion is formed about oneself and the other person and the acquaintance turns into friendship. If these rays contradict each other even then that type of signalling of the feelings is exhibited. Positive thinking is also one of the most important ingredients in overcoming failure. According to the psychologists, the method of ‘auto suggestion’ also improves one’s approach to better performance, because it does create an impact upon oneself to achieve what one cherishes. As the great author George Bernard Shaw has written somewhere from the events themselves,” from one situation to another. All our pre-independence leaders were the same whether in the British jails or outside it. Their vocal tones and gestures were completely synchronised with their words and hence they are revered even to day.

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Kamlesh Bahukhandi

I hate dogs. I' love to be alone sometimes. I like to read, write, travel and dance a lot. My nails are bad; I have degrees in Business Management (MBA) and Mass Communication. I don’t want to be any one else. I love being myself. I make good tea; I like eggs, tea and milk. I love colors, they decide my mood. I love music; it can change the way I am feeling. I like sweets. I like food; I am a self-confessed tea addict. I hate being too formal. I talk less. I could do the washing though I have a very successful career. I like vanilla ice cream. I'm right handed. I always felt bad for lost in love. I am allergic to dust, cats, pollen, soap, powder and strong perfumes. I like to drive fast. I cry at sad movies. When I was a kid, the only thing I could draw was a half face. I don’t believe on horoscopes for the moment, and astrology. I grew up in a small village, I am a village boy. I wet my toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on. I like tea very much (did I say that already). I was popular in College. My favorite place is Italy, for now. I am not able to understand why people watch Star Trek. I type with all fingers. I have lost many good friends as I hate being over concerned. I am 5.9” tall. Yes I forgot to mention I love birds. I speak four languages poorly and one language well. I look luscious when I want to. I am a brilliant speller but a decent writer.

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