Kamlesh Bahukhandi's Profile

Name Kamlesh Bahukhandi
About Me I hate dogs. I' love to be alone sometimes. I like to read, write, travel and dance a lot. My nails are bad; I have degrees in Business Management (MBA) and Mass Communication. I don’t want to be any one else. I love being myself. I make good tea; I like eggs, tea and milk. I love colors, they decide my mood. I love music; it can change the way I am feeling. I like sweets. I like food; I am a self-confessed tea addict. I hate being too formal. I talk less. I could do the washing though I have a very successful career. I like vanilla ice cream. I'm right handed. I always felt bad for lost in love. I am allergic to dust, cats, pollen, soap, powder and strong perfumes. I like to drive fast. I cry at sad movies. When I was a kid, the only thing I could draw was a half face. I don’t believe on horoscopes for the moment, and astrology. I grew up in a small village, I am a village boy. I wet my toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on. I like tea very much (did I say that already). I was popular in College. My favorite place is Italy, for now. I am not able to understand why people watch Star Trek. I type with all fingers. I have lost many good friends as I hate being over concerned. I am 5.9” tall. Yes I forgot to mention I love birds. I speak four languages poorly and one language well. I look luscious when I want to. I am a brilliant speller but a decent writer.