What Are The Qualities of A Successful Entrepreneur?


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Qualities of a successful Entrepreneur:

              Vision                    Aptitude

              Innovation             Adaptability

              Organizing            Flexibility

              Abilities                 Determination

              Motivation            Will Power

              Pride                     Creativity

             Risk-taking            Tactfulness

             Dynamism             Self Confidence

             Intelligence            knowledge

             Inbuilt Values        Commitment


  • Vision –

       Vision means thinking & caused prediction about future. An entrepreneur should have visionary power & judgment about SWOT analysis.

  • Clarity-

       An entrepreneur should have clear objectives as to the exact nature of the business, the nature of goods to be produced & the subsidiary activities to be undertaken.

  • Risk-taking / Assumption of Risk –

      The entrepreneur assumes all the possible risks of business, which emerges due to the possibility of changes in the tastes of consumers, techniques of production & new invention.

  • Mental Ability –
  • Business Secrecy –
  • Human Relations Ability –
  • Self Confidence –
  • Knowledge –
  • Motivators –
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