Discovering Leadership Qualities in College Days

Leadership has no relevance to criteria, it does not depend on age, race, sex, caste or even education. Leadership has nothing to do with money as well as the phase of life you are living in. It is a purely voluntary choice, and the most exciting part is it’s boundlessness.  Leaders are those who have discovered their notion. They follow it consistently and forge it to those who deserve it, irrespective of the consequences. Leaders do it for the reason that they believe in it. The process may be healthy or unhealthy and it doesn’t matter if the outcomes are good or bad, but what drives leaders to those end-points is undoubtedly nothing but a staunch belief. Nelson Mandela had to face life imprisonment, as a consequence of raising his voice that resonated in the whole world, against the government’s apartheid system (racism) in South Africa, resulting in a successful change in reforms. Discrimination was trashed out, leaving behind Mandela a trail of cult-like following.
The question is how to figure out a belief altogether with a way to educate others? And if a way is feasible enough, how to go about it in your college?
It’s very simple! The following ways will make you follow the people of your world.
1. Raise Your Voice.
Whatever you feel is wrong in your college, just raise your voice. Whether there are seniors ragging at the back-entry or there are students who are planning on an assault, also, students suffering from prejudices of any teacher. If you think, you have a rational point to raise your voice for, then go for it and once you see people around you to support you, that is the moment when you meet the leader in you for the first time.
2. Participate in Debates, Plays and Presentations.
A debate room is place designated only to outburst your opinions. If you think you can pull off speaking part of the debate by sticking to your point, there will be people listening to you rather than counter-attacking you. Creating and delivering plays and presentations can change the audience’s perception towards you. One time participation won’t really work. You will need to participate as many times as possible. Repetitive participation will develop your thought process and polish the skills of delivery. After all, practice makes a man perfect.
3. Participate in the Making of College Events.
College festivals are terrific to be a part of. These are the most awaited events for BMS students. Its not only the fun that is attached to it. The unacceptable part for most of the students is the amount of labour required in execution of a successful college event. A BMS student knows how the implementation follows but only participation will prove his worth. There are some questions like – Is he credible enough to lay responsibilities of logistics?  Can she get some innovative ideas on board? Wait! Ideas are not just not enough! Can she manage a team to bring them live? Mistakes are realised and rectified. Lessons are learnt, a glorious event is executed. The potential of leaders is realised in a few makers who become apple of everyone’s eye.
4. Join Internships.
Leaders don’t come into existence overnight. There’s a lot of knowing, experiencing and slogging to become a leader. Internships can provide you with all, provided you are ready to embrace them. As a matter of fact, picking up of internship depends on your interests. Once you give all you’ve got to your interests, you get a lot of knowledge and experience along with people’s praises, advices and informal recognitions. These intangible benefits help you a lot in your pathways to a better future. An internship won’t make you a leader overnight but it can definitely be one of the gateways to leadership.
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Devansh Thakker
An accidental science student but a self-acclaimed business and management geek. A man in the middle of his ladder. From my perspective, it simply means I am an undergraduate close enough to complete my graduation (BMS), with a little experience in business. Why Two reasons: 1. An emerging interest in writing brought me here, 2. What could be better than contributing to my own community first? Listening to music while travelling is awesome. Writing rhymes is another pastime. A strategy games lover, especially Defense of the Ancients and Age of Empires. Fitness is a must.


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