OCT 2013 SEM 6



Q1 Explain Ethics.                                                                                                     3marks


Q 2 Explain Concept of yoga.                                                                                   3marks


 Q3 Explain Concept of Kosha.                                                                                3marks


 Q4 Explain Purushartha Model.                                                                             3marks


 Q5 Explain Dharma.                                                                                                             3marks


 Q6 Read the given case study carefully and answer the questions given below Sudha, after passing her BMS examination was offered a post in a financial firm.
She was the sole bread earner in her family comprising her mother, a sister and a brother. In the firm, she learnt after joining, they are maintaining duplicate accounts without proper vouchers and receipts. She was born in an orthodox family where ethics and values were strong. In the office, she found that maintaining and writing duplicate accounts were against her ethical values. Also she was not able to leave the job, as whole family depended on her salary.
(a) What was the problem from Sudha’s View point. (8marks)
(b) What would you have done had you been in Sudha’s position. (7marks).



Q 7 Explain the distinctive characteristics of Indian Ethos and their relevance to professional managers.                                                                                                10marks


Q 8 Describe the concept of Transformational leader and give the Indian examples from corporates.                                                                                                   10marks


Q 9 What is motivation ? Distinguish between the Western and Indian style of motivation.                                                                                                                     10marks


 Q10 What is society ? What are different types of Indian societies ? Mention their advantages and disadvantages.                                                                                 10marks


 Q11 Write a short note on Inspiration.                                                                  5marks


 Q12 Write a short note on Spirituality.                                                                  5marks


 Q13 Write a short note on Maya.                                                                           5marks


Q 14 Write a short note on asudevKutumbakam.                                               5marks

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