Indian management thoughts and practices



  1. Both sections are compulsory
  2. In section I all questions are compulsory
  3. In section II attempt any three out of four questions
  4. Each answer should reflect Indian management philosophy


Q.1) explain the concepts in brief:-                                                                                                       (15)

1)      Maya in advait Vedanta

2)      Significance of Indian festivals

3)      Dharma

4)      Moksha through karmayoga

5)      Transactional leadership

Q.2) case study                                                                                                                                         (15)

Ms Dixit is an head of an academic institution in the city, which is reputed for its academic excellence and its long standing contribution In the field of education. Having followed all clear cut policies, norms, regulations, and the academic plans laid down by the university and designing new initiatives in the education, this college has earned the reputation of being one of the most managed institution in the dynamic scenario.

During a recent interview, however, it was observed that the staff of the institution was disgruntled and dissatisfied about certain matters, and there was a decline in the performance of the college. On enquiry it was revealed by a few that, Mr. Dixit was rude and arrogant in her behavior and that her staff, parent alike was unhappy with the treatment meted out to them. This created a general atmosphere of unhappiness, as the dignity of people belonging to the institution was not respected.

The management seemed disturbed by this situation.trhey was anxious about losing the well-earned reputation of this institution. A new administrator, Mrs. Chitaley, then replaced Ms. Dixit

Mrs. Chitaley, a student of humanities and a teacher of HRM and yoga was known to possess skills of men-management. Her people skills, along with her knowledge of the systems and procedures.. Helped her to tackle difficulties and hurdles for the smooth functioning of the college. With concerted and sincere efforts and clarity of objective in mind, mrs. Chitaley created an atmosphere of well-being, belongingness and trust among her staffs and students. There was an automatic sea change in the attitude of the people and harmony prevailed. The performance and the culture along with the discipline of the instituition improved and stabilized. Mrs. Chitaley developed effective and efficient teams and delegated tasks, trusting her staff to complete the work atmosphere was purposive and positive, the college once again excelled with its name shinning in the list of top colleges of the country.


1)      Give the analysis of the character in the case study with the reference to the guna theory.

2)      “All managements staff with self management.” Explain this statement in light of the case mentioned

3)      Which according to you is the ideal style of leadership? Justify your view with an explanation from the Indian management philosophy]


Q.3) What is learning? Explain different mechanism of learning                                                        (10)

Q.4) Describe the five koshas or shreaths of a human body                                                               (10)

Q.5)How can selfless work ethjics increase the productivity of the businesss? Discuss in the light of nishkama karma.                                                                                                                                          (10)

Q.6) Write short notes on any 2:-                                                                                                            (10)

a)      Purusharta model

b)      Rin system of motivation

c)       Importance of mentoring in transforming an organization

d)      SRT gunas

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