The Indian premier league (IPL) is a professional domestic Twenty-Twenty cricket tournament introduced in India on 18 April consists of nine teams consisting of players from all over the world I.e. cricket playing countries in the world. Board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) manages the event.


The main objective behind establishment of IPL initially was to build a platform for local cricketing players to play with players worldwide and to encourage budding young cricketers in India. However, as of late is has turned to a pure source of an entertainment. IPL has generated tremendous interest in our country. People enjoy watching this game as it provides a variety of players from different countries merge together to form a team, which adds to a pleasure in watching the game. Not like One-day cricket and test matches, which sometimes become dull or boring, IPL T20 cricket has curved out to be a three-hour entertainment just like a movie. The IPL matches are so crisp that it attracts people from all age group.

The Indian Premier League, the latest passion of the nation, has turned into a source of entertainment. It is not just a sporting event in the true spirit. IPL has not only garnered attention with the exorbitant amount of money spent on the purchase of a team and maintenance, but has also grabbed eyeballs with the presence of movie stars acting as brand ambassadors for the teams. As of now IPL has turned more from a entertainment or sporting event to a business. As their focus now a days is on making money it is losing its audience day by day. It has become a ‘Money-Tree’ which is a medium of earning fast and enormous money apart from wholesale entertainment.

It is pure and simple moneymaking project for the rich to grow richer. The tournament capitalizes on the cricket craze of the people and adds glamour amount to the event with film stars and cheerleaders who do not even possibly understand or know the game. The confused nature of the game possibly appeals to the fans or the audience. The huge amount of money involved should make one wonder where it is all coming from. The spirit of interest is completely cleaned out because of the improper ways of programming, processing and performing. People are forced to accept IPL as an entertainment of this Century, staining the originality and interest. Moreover, it disrupts the education of the most important national resource – the children, who are also the most passionate about cricket. Here the moneymaker is only the players, franchisee holders and other officials involved in the game or tournament and we audience are the big loser here just sitting idly and responding to the income earned by someone else. It is just a waste of time. In short, it is a business of Big Bucks’!

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