9 Signs That Tells You It’s Time To End This Relationship


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Sometimes relationships don’t work because of reasons like you or your partner was not sure about this, it was just an attraction for some phase, partner cheated, your partner is going to marry someone else, some are moving on and sometimes it seems like a mistake to stick with each other ahead in life. Relationships are beautiful if they are maintained in good manner. To maintain any relation two things are very important which are PATIENCE and SACRIFICE for their happiness, IF you want to make your relationship work then you should think about other’s happiness rather than yours.

Here are some warning signs which can help you to know whether it’s high time to end this relationship:

  1. You’re fighting for each and everything: The very first point is that now you have started fighting for everything from a small topic to the big ones. You just both want to prove that you are right and the other one is wrong. It is very important to understand each other in a relationship.
  2. 2. Everything you do is bothering them: You try to make them happy, but it might be bothering them and making them irritated which can be a sign of their disinterest in you.
  3. Spending too much time with friends: It can be one of the signs because before it was different they used to spend most of the time with you but nowadays friends have taken their attention from you.
  4. Not replying to the text or call: It happens with most of the cases when partners try to ignore all the text and calls of their loved ones just to make them realize they are ignoring them and indirectly wants them to leave them and move on.
  5. Showing interest in others: It may happen when they show their interest on others and now they don’t give you that attention which you required because of their attraction to any other person.
  6. They show you no interest in making sacrifices: Now they don’t show you they want to sacrifice for mutual benefits and to make the relation go smoothly, now they are just interested in their life and being selfish.
  7. They don’t talk about future with you: In most cases it has been noted that the person who talks about their future to their partners are serious about their relationship, but it should be consistent, and if they stop doing it, then it’s a danger sign.
  8. Making excuses for not going out with you: It is also another excuse, most of the people give excuses that they are not feeling well or something to avoid going out with you.
  9. Pointing out all your mistakes in everything: They keep taking about your mistakes in everything and blaming you for everything which is happening. If the relation is not working then yeh bhi blame wo log ghuma firake dusro pe dalte hai (you just be aware)

If you are going through any of these signs, then you know what to do 😛


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Archana Negi


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