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Want to be an eye-candy? To look just as drop dead gorgeous as your Barbie? You can by following these simple tips:

1. Start with a clean, oil and makeup-free face. Put on some lotion if you have dry skin. Cover up any pimples/zits with concealer. Brush a loose powder that matches your skin color, or powder-based foundation over your face. Make sure your skin tone is even. Apply some powder on your lips to make them about your skin tone. If they’re not quite as colored or pale, than that’s fine. But make them not as pink as before.

2. Brighten up. Since your face is paler or more colored than before, you need to add some color or more color. Take some very light pink or rosy pink blush and apply it just barely under the cheek bone in the shape of a circle. The circle should be about the same size as your eye, maybe a little smaller. Relax your face when applying the blush.

3. Do your eyes. Apply a thin, thin line of black eyeliner on your upper lash line. The closest to your lashes the better. Do not put any eyeliner to the side of your eyes, and try to avoid adding eyeliner near the inside corner of your eye. In the inside corner add some white eyeliner that has some slight shimmer in it. The white should go on the inside corner, and go underneath your eye to where the color in you eye begins when you stare straight ahead.

4. Add the eye makeup. Right now your face is very plain and dull. This is where it gets more doll-like. With the black liquid eyeliner or just regular stick eyeliner, you’re going to draw another thin line of eyeliner, but this time on the bottom lashes. Allow the line to go all the way until it meets with the white eyeliner. If you’re using liquid, let it dry before continuing.

barbie make up

5. Carefully, and with a steady hand, especially if you’re using liquid eyeliner, begin to add ‘twigs’ to your bottom lash line. (See side for an example. For basic twigs pull your cheek downward with your hand and stroke the eyeliner straight downward. When you finish your twigs, on the eyelid feel free to apply you light pink blush with your finger to add a slight bit of color. Blend it in to look natural using your ring finger.

6. Do the lips. With a brush, apply a medium to dark red or pink lip color, downward in a straight line in the center of your lips. Then repeat drawing a line of the left side, and then again on the right. Your lips should look like you are pouting. The color should only be in the middle. You can shape it into a heart if you would like.

7. Finish up. Now you’re done! Just apply mascara to your upper eyelashes and you’re doll-like.

8. If your face isn’t any paler or more colored after you add your base, try getting a color or a little more colored that is one or two shades lighter, tanner or darker than you usually wear.

barbie makeup2

9. And you are all set to be look like a gorgeous, difficult – to – miss out on doll.

– Misbaah Mansuri

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