10 Quick Make-Up Fixes For College Girls


Are you running late for an event and don’t know how to fix that smudging kajal of yours immediately? Are you having a bad hair day and don’t know what to do? Going for your first interview and don’t know what to do about your frizzy hairs? Don’t worry as these problems may sound very terrifying at times we can control them with these simple yet quick life saver tips:

puffy eyes remedy

1.     Puffy eyes:-

Today’s life has become so hectic that even being college students does not let us get the rest that is required. We end up doing late night assignments and sleeping hours are just reduced. This leads to puffy swollen eyes. To counter the puffy eyes simply place ice pack our swollen areas and let it stay for 10-15 mins. You can also use the cucumber slices as they are cool in nature, they also reduce the puffy eye.

puffy eyes

2.     Dark circles:-

After completing those time bound assignments we are left with the dull ad tried skin. Our eyes are the sensitive part of our body. They get the most affected by lack of sleep resulting in under eye dark circles. The quickest and cheapest way to reduce your dark circles is to place the used tea bags on them. It will naturally lighten the eye area.

clumped mascara

3.     Mascara clumps:-

The most common issue that we face is clumpy eyelashes due to mascara. It can look very bad. To overcome this problem, simply cover your fingers with a little moisturizer and gently wipe your lashes.


4.     Heavy lipstick:-

Sometimes it may so happen that you apply your favorite lip color and forget to check it before getting out of the house. As the lip color is cream based there are chance that it may stain your teeth’s or bleed, smudging your face. To clean the stained lips simply wash your index finger and then rub it on your teethes. To stop the lip color from bleeding, after applying the lipstick place a tissue paper in between your lips and wipe the excess.

smudged kajal

5.     Smudged kajal:-

This is one of the most common makeup problems faced by girls. To clean the smudged kajal firstly, using your fingers gently wipe the smudged portion and try to line in order with your kajal. This is also enough but to be extra sure apply a little compact around the smudged portions to seal the kajal in place.


6.     Toning down the blush:-

Looking like a doll with those pink cheeks? Aww it looks very cute but practically speaking we don’t want to look like those cute little nursery kids:* to tone down your blush, use a clean big fluffy brush and swipe your upper cheek portion slowly. Wipe the brush on a clean towel and continue with this procedure until you get your desired shade.

excess powdered face

7.     Too much powder on your face?

This is easily a mistake every girl does when she is learning the art of applying makeup (surely I did it :D). We don’t even realize that our faces are looking like we have dipped them in flour :p but if do realize that don’t worry we can fix this problem. After applying the powder wait for 10 mins by doing so you are letting the face natural oils to absorb the powder. If your face still appears white than take a tissue paper and wipe your face gently.

frizzy hairs

8.     Frizzy hairs:-

Sometimes our hair gets charged with static energy when we comb our hairs with plastic combs. This mostly happens a lot during winters. We can simply use the brush made instead of combs as they are specially designed for controlling frizz. If you don’t have a brush don’t worries we can still fix this problem. Simply take few drops of your hair or skin cream and apply it all over your hairs. This will smooth out your hairs.

chipped nails

9.     Chipped nails:-

Even the quickest drying nail polish can get chipped. So here is an easy tip to fix it. Apply a single coat of your nail color to that chipped portion. Let it dry completely. Then apply the nail color on your whole nail. This will give your nails an even and polish look.

bad hair day braid

10.Bad hair day:-

Every girl has a day when her hair just won’t bulge and turn according to her. For those days when your hairs isn’t listening to you simply tie your hairs into a top knot bun or some cool braids. Also for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hairs, keep in handy a dry shampoo. It’s basically a spray bottle containing compressed shampoo in form of gas. Spray it on your scalp area. Wait for 5-10mins. It will absorb all your excess oil on scalp and also give your hairs a tease.

These were a few tips and tricks for fixing that mini makeup crisis. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it was helpful to you all. If you have any other tips for quick makeup fix, please put that in the comment box below. And once again Thank you for sticking by.

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