You can simply glam up a simple outfit to play more voguish and spunky. Here are ways you can accessorise your  outfit and make it look casual +smart:-




1. Necklace

If you have a long neck, wear short necklaces or scarves around the neck to create the illusion of a more balanced neck. Do the opposite with a short neck i.e. avoid short necklaces, scarves around the neck or chokers. Opt for longer strands instead.


2. Earrings

Determine what suits the shape of your face, be it oval, round, sweetheart or square.

For example:-When you have a square jaw-line, avoid square shaped earing, opt for hoops instead.


3. Rings

The shape of your hand and the width of your fingers will determine which style suits you best. Short fingers, wide hands: Narrow bands will make your shirt fingers look longer and slimmer. Wide, thick or cluster rings will make your hands look shorter.

Long fingers, narrow hands: Invest in medium-sized style or cocktail rings that are still popular fashion items this season.


4. Glasses

Once again it is important to know the shape or your face. When purchasing a frame, go for the opposite, for example: when you have a round shape to your face, choose a square frame or when you have a square face shape, choose a more round or oval frame.

The frame of your glasses should sit on the bone that surrounds your entire eye socket, including your eyebrows. Make sure the top of your sunglass frame follows the natural shape of your eyebrows.


5. Belts

Belts are high fashion accessories at the moment, especially the wide ones. Not all women should however wear a wide belt in their waist. Here are few guidelines you can follow:-

Measure the distance from underneath your bust to your waist.

Deduct 5 cm to ensure there is enough distance from under your bust to the top of your belt. The balance of the measurement will give your correct belt width.

Avoid wearing a belt if you are short waisted or have wide hips and a full stomach.


6. Handbags

Your bag should never be wider than the width of your body, viewed from the side.

The wider the bag, the wider your body will look!

You can also create three point of similarity which is incorporating the same color or theme.For instance,if you are wearing a white tee,you can use a white belt,white shoes and white earrings.





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