If you are feeling too low and stressed out from a couple of weeks, then you should definitely seek help. You don’t have to be desperate or crazy to see a therapist. Psychotherapy helps you in handling your life in a simpler way when you have complicated it and cannot see a way through it!

  1. Trauma: Don’t think too much before going to a therapist if you have been through any kind of trauma or an incident that has affected your life like never before. Seeking advice will help you through it as soon as possible.
  2. Whining: If you have been whining about every single thing in your life to your friends and family, then you should go tell this to your therapist, because he can help you out easily than any of your friends can!
  3. Lost interest: You have significantly lost interest in the things you once loved doing. In fact you have lost interest in your life and don’t want to do anything about it. A therapist will definitely help you find the cause and give you a solution to that, so that it doesn’t get worse.
  4. Abusing: You have started losing your temper on the smallest things and have been creating problems for yourself lately. You start thinking, abusing something will make you feel better and let the steam off but it will only create a bizarre and hurt you even more.
  5. People noticed: This is definitely a sure sign you need to see a therapist because even before you realize, the people close to you will notice the need for you to see a therapist.

Seeing a therapist on a regular basis is healthy and it helps you feel sorted and positive about things going on in your life. Did you have the need to see a therapist? Do you know any more signs that someone should see a therapist?

-Saloni Tolia.

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