Managers are a great asset for the company. If you are starting up your own business you have to take up the responsibility of managing it’s work and all various intricacies. As a manager, you need to develop leadership qualities because a company cannot be run by an individual, teamwork is required. You need to be friendly too. But sometimes managers go beyond this like bossy behaviour, addressing employees rudely which makes the lifes of employees harder and as a result they leave the company. However, managerial skills are developed over a period of time by trail-and-error method. Make yourself a better manager by avoiding the 5 habits given below:

1-  Failing to give your full attention.


Managers are often termed as “multi-tasking”- emailing while talking on phone, texting during meetings etc. Many managers can multi-task efficiently but not all. Some fail to give full attention to employee’s email by half answering  his/her question. This leaves the employees with a question mark of what needs to be done and what is expected from him. It is unfortunately counter-productive. 

2- Talking more than listening.


It’s true that leaders are good listeners. As a manager is a leader of the company he needs be a good listener first. Managing is just as important as listening and providing valuable insights and knowledge. It enables managers to know the things concerning the employees and that can help them to improve in those areas.

3- Being constantly unavailable.


  Being unavailable to your employees will cause them to struggle with their questions, come across things and situations they aren’t aware of and will leave them feel unsupported in their roles. It’s also understood that as a manager you have to attend lots and lots of meetings, answer few important calls daily etc. But what is the use of a manager and a leader who is not available to employees when they need you the most.

4-  Making promises for your employees to deliver on.

Überlasteter Angestellter bekommt noch mehr Arbeit

Managers should not promise their clients and leave that work for their employees to complete. Managers should actively take part if they are promising to deliver to their clients on time. Leaving workload on the employees head won’t get you the desired results.

5- Giving too much or too little information.


Giving inappropriate amount of information to your employees can be unproductive at times. On the other hand, providing each and every detail to your employees can leave them brainstorming but eventually impossible to complete the work. Make sure you provide them with required amount of information.

Keep these things in mind as you can become a manager in future 😉

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