5 Drug-Free Ways to Stay Awake When You’re Really Tired


Everyone at some point has had the need to stay awake no matter how exhausted you are! It’s not at all good and healthy to stress yourself so much when your body is yelling out for some sleep but then when you have option, you might want to try out some of these ways to keep yourself awake, else try sorting out and getting your beauty sleep before you fall ill!

  1. Hydrate: Staying hydrated is the best and the most effective way to stay awake. Drink cold water and refresh yourself every half an hour or so.
  2. Move: sitting in a comfortable couch or chair is going to make you feel even more lazy and lethargic. Moving around or going for a small walk at intervals will make you feel fresh and active for time being!
  3. Points: Acupressure points are sometimes useful and work to keep you moving when you are tired. Try pressing your earlobes between your thumb and index finger or pressing on the back of your knees. If this won’t work in keeping you awake for hours, at least it will keep you awake for some time.
  4. Fresh air: Moving out of your work place and going for a walk in fresh air also works in keeping your mind alert and active! This is the reason it’s always advised to jog in the morning, to have an active day.
  5. Chew: Chewing a bubble gum will keep your brain active and alert because your body is doing some different activity along with the work. You can try eating some ice. Ice will keep you hydrated and chewing it will keep you alert!

Share your ways of staying awake and alert when your are dead tired!

– Saloni Tolia.

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Smita Singh