There are many difficult situations in our life and one out of which is overcoming a BREAKUP. Most of our life comes to standstill when we face a Breakup. At times we even decide to give up on life but is that right? Do we even think about our parents before even deciding to take such a step? Is it that just giving up on life the way to get over your breakup? Definitely not, there are many sensible ways to deal with a Breakup. As we must not forget there are many people who love us and we can’t just hurt many others just for the sake of one person.

  • Be around with people that will make you happy

One of the best ways to deal with Breakup is being around with those that will help you forget it. The best among such people are your friends who can make you very happy. Friends are the best Doctors, they can heal you of any sickness and when it comes to a heart break they will be there besides you first and one who will there for you.


  • Keep Yourself Busy

Another way to tackle Breakup is keep your mind busy. This is because the mind will constantly think about it when you keep yourself Idle. Involve yourself in your hobby, things you like to do but don’t be idle


  • Meet new people

To forget the person you should meet new people. This way you will make new friends and also be around some positivity rather than negativity and sadness.


  • Do things that will make you happy

Another way is doing things that will keep you happy. Like if you like Dance join some dance classes, sing, read anything as long as your mind is diverted and gives you happiness in some way

 new beginning

  • Wipe out all the Memories

Memories are something that keeps hurting and reminding you about the person. So wiping out the memories one way is to burn everything or flushing them out like they showed in the movie ‘JAB WE MET’. Another way is throw everything that reminds you about your relationship.


  • Cry out

The best way to get over a pain is to cry out your feelings. Things keep hurting when you keep them within. So cry out when you want to, this is the most necessary and important way for both a girl a and  guy to get over Breakup.

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