10 Things Every BMS Student Experiences At Least Once!



Your BMS course taught you a lot of things, but there were some traits that were very apparent which have now transformed you, here goes a list of the Top 10 Experiences you must have gone through at least once in the course of your 3 years:

1. Super Strong Control Abilities!

laughing gif

Well while we give presentation, which we always do, we have our crazy bestie which well again always do and they love to make faces at us while we are making presentations. This teaches us endurance and focus, that urge to control bursting out laughing is one heck of a tough deal withholding.

2. Adaptability!

rolling eyes

Same set of 10 managerial jargon’s that we learn in our first year, when we actually paid attention to lectures are the ones that we so brilliantly use in every answer of every paper in every exam.. some adaptable writing skills those!

3. The Inversely Proportional Theory Of Work Load

overburdened at college

 The load of assignments is always increasing and we learn to cope with the burden eventually. While in sem 1 we refer textbooks, the library, newspapers and the internet with time as the proportion of work load increases our efforts proportionately decrease in a way that by the time we are in sem 6 the only resource we refer to is the internet.

4. Huh, me I am a BMSite dude, buzz off!


We learn to be snooty, yes snooty is what BMS teaches you well enough. You will never find a BMSites who has confidence issues when among peers and in front of the other mango people we are always ‘Like a BOSS’. You are wearing you formals right, your hair and makeup in place so be damned if you can’t develop the attitude to go with it immediately.

5. The Inversely Proportional Theory of Exams

too tired at the end of the day

The inverse proportion theory works just the same way where exams are concerned, so with every paper gone by the number of days spent in preparing for them decreases proportionately, see we stick to our theories.

6. Unity In Diversity


Of course there is diversity, walk in any BMS college and you can immediately tell the difference between a F.Y, S.Y and a T.Y student. The ‘overdose of make up yet mousy look’ are the freshers, the ‘I am the life of the party‘ are the S.Y’s and the ‘buzz off I am busy’ are the T.Y’s yet with this class divide (pun intended) we are BMSites at heart and stick up for each other may what come.

7.  Sophistication:


Yea we develop that and it comes across in the way we communicate so when loose motions goes to diarrhea and the abuses get a firangi touch to them, you know that’s a BMSite talking!

8. I am a walking, talking B-school Encyclopedia


Yes by the time you are in your T.Y. 90% of you have made up your mind to do an MBA, so if anyone wants to know anything about the current B-school trends you are like an encyclopedia.

9. I Am A Manager In Making Dude, I Am A Class Apart

i am a batman

Well most of us do develop that misconception sooner or later, it usually happens when the outrageous amount of burden we have to take up in terms of syllabus or projects or assignments get to our head we do tend to feel like we are the only one’s capable of handling stress.

10. Better Convincing Abilities

bitch please

That does happen, eventually when you work so hard on getting across your message in the form of projects or during Viva’s or by writing them down assignments or during GD’s and debate sessions in class your communication skills zoom up!

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Ami Pandya

'Ever Learning, Ever Evolving, Never Giving up' sums up www.bms.co.in's Content Manager and passionate writer, Ami. She is a BMS graduate who has freelanced in the past with the top Indian newspapers and magazines. Apart from writing she also likes to indulge into travelling, photography and social work.


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