10 Reasons Why Profs Dont Correct BMS Papers !



1) Ambiance : If you are asked to rot in an unmaintained room with even the ceiling fans making noise in hot mumbai summer, would you still sit there? Lets just say he Ambiance of University is  not that motivates the teachers to correct your papers. 

2) Treated as Assemly line workers :  MU follows the MTV Bakra principle – Profs are in, lets make them correct the maximum papers like slave workers. No breaks, no snacks, just isolated donkey work. Even the ramu working at the nearby tapri gets free tea !

3) Paid Pennies : Remuneration is a  HUGE problem. Every Prof is paid so less that even if she corrects 10 bundles of 75 each she can’t even buy a third grade cheap clone cellphone if she wished to. Oh and the profs are always paid but the cheque only comes when you are already forgotten about it.  Who would want to spoil their vacation for pennies?

4) No Motivation : Unlike B.com course there is no motivation provided to the paper checker. In B.com the paper correctors gain seniority with papers corrected every year but no such thing applies in BMS.  Every human being works on carrot and stick approach but professor here gets a stick for not correcting papers without any motivation of any seniority.

5) Government Khata ? : There are so many documents to be filled before and after checking the papers that it irritates the teacher they prefer to check their 75% and go home. the University staff does not even give a helping hand to teachers in filling up this documents.

6) Profs Need a Vacation as well : Paper correction clashes with Profs vacation time of their due to which no teacher is interested. University forgets that profs deserve their break as corporates do and they should be given. Profs are just as human ( dont laugh, they are ) .

7) Travelling : Even a uneducated BPO employee gets a pick and drop or at least half way drop. Profs have to  travel all the way from wherever they are based to the university and the university forgets that travelling is big trouble for profs as only one bus goes towards the university building that is 318, rickshaws charge around 30 rs for one way and remember Point 3 ? – Paid Pennies

8 ) Moderator Scare: You know that naukri advertisement with HARI SADU as the boss? We’ll this is just as bad. Moderators are said to be sitting there just to trouble the Profs.  Profs want to give you better marks but your paper would then go for a second check. Only after  a green mark on your paper does  the result get announced.

9) Notification please : BMS students live their life on Facebook, Gtalk, gmail but our university does not even know what is orkut,. We should give them credit that they dont sent the notifications through pigeon’s, postmans do the job ( that too It goes by Postal service not speed post. ) . Teachers get the official letter only in college so if it reaches during vacation period, the college doesnt take any effort to deliver it. The Prof gets it only when college is reopened. Its time for our university to be tech savy.

10) Sauteli Aulad ? B.com has many more students then the professional courses but their papers are corrected faster as they directly come under the UGC. We BMS students are unaided students and so we pay more then the B.com students still our results are delayed and before the start of professional career our careers are mishandled by the same university which says we imparting management education to this students by such courses. Management ? Yeah Right !

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